Naagin 6 11th June 2022 Written Update: Angel advises Mehek to wait for a year


Naagin 6 11th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with the Police performing the last rites to Pratha when no one comes to take her body. Mehek sees everything from her car and feels happy thinking her revenge got fulfilled. She sees the moon and thinks today is the day that came after many years to make her Shesh Naagin. She leaves. Vijay comes to Pratha’s pyre and cries for not being able to save Pratha. He thinks Mehek/Hina khan cheated on him and her sister. Mehek comes to Shiv temple and says she will become Shesh Naagin in presence of Shash Naag. He says she cant become Shesh Naagin without any blood relation from her side. Mehek says her Mom’s sister is still alive. She welcomes Urvashi to Naagmahal.

Urvashi says your grandmother loves your Mom more than me that’s why she threw me out. It’s shown that Shivan proposes to Roopa for marriage. Urvashi thinks to get him. Tara blesses Roopa that her daughter will become Shesh Naagin. Urvashi thinks why can’t her kids? She thinks to get Shivan for her. She tells Roopa that she wants to dance with her to share happiness. They dance for Tu Naagin Saphira. Then Urvashi takes Roopa aside and makes her unconscious then she Roopa with ropes and changes herself like Roopa and sits in the mandap. While doing Gathbandan Tara sees Urvashi’s reflection in the fire. She takes Urvashi and confronts her about where is Roopa. Roopa comes there. Tara punishes Urvashi by snatching her Naagin power. Tara banishes Urvashi from their Naag Lok and tells her she will die in 24 hours if she ever changes to snake form.

At present, Urvashi says how she followed them seeing the snake skin at Gujral’s house and I found that you’re my sister’s daughters and I want to take revenge that’s why I helped you to cheat Pratha. Mehek smiles thinking about how she took revenge on Pratha with her help. Shesh Naag says it’s against rules. Mehek asks what about her Tapasya for years? Isn’t creating to make Pratha Shesh Naagin. She calls Shesh Naag to come. He doesn’t then she performs tandava. Shesh Naag comes there. Mehek asks him to make her Shesh Naagin as she is the one who is alive from her Vasudev clan.

Angel comes there and tells her today she can become Shesh naagin. Shesh Naag looks disappointed. Mehek asks him to forget Pratha who doesn’t value her powers. She asks them to start the procedure. Angel places the milk vessel in front of Shiv Ji. Magical rays fall on milk from the moon and Naagmani and Shiv Ji. Angel gives that milk to Mehek. Mehek drinks it. Shesh Naag takes Naagmani and is about to give it to Mehek but Naagmani returns to Shiv Ji. Mehek vomits the milk. Shesh Naag says she is not chosen as Shesh Naagin. Mehek questions why it happened. Shesh Naag says there are two reasons one is previous Naagin might be alive or it’s not the correct time. Angel reads the book and tells her she has to wait for one more year. Mehek asks if Pratha is alive? Shesh Naag tells she needs to wait a year to know it. Mehek shouts in pain.

Someone’s hand comes out from earth when Trishul falls on earth. Mehek dreams that Pratha returns to kill her and tells her that her revenge is going to start. Mehek thinks it’s a waste to think about Pratha as she is dead but it’s shown the mark of her stabbing is visible on her back. Vijay comes to Gujral’s house to take her sign in Pratha’s file. Mehek denies to sign. Vijay says you betrayed your sister by marrying her husband and I know you love me. Mehek warns him to leave. Vijay tells her that God will punish her for the crimes she did and she can’t sleep peacefully. Mehek looks restless. She sees Pratha and Rishabh’s photo. She asks the servant to get all the photos. She burns those photos. She thinks she can become Shesh Naagin after one year as Pratha is no more and no good can mane her alive. Pratha comes out from the earth.

Episode ends.

Precap – Jwala asks Pratha to wake up to take her revenge. Pratha tells Shiv Ji that she will become Shesh Naagin.

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