Naagin 6 12th March 2023 Written Update: Meher meets Raghu


Naagin 6 12th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prathna and Raghu fighting with each other. Takshak asks Raghu where he lost. Raghu realizes it’s his dream. Takshak tells Raghu that he needs to go to Dharti lok to save their Naagin clan. He asks if it’s because of Prathna. Raghu says he can’t return dharti lok for his daughter’s safety. He asks Takshak to leave him alone. Takshak leaves. Prathna illusion mocks Raghu asking if he is not coming to Dharti lok because of the fear of her. Raghu says he is not scared and decides to go to Dharti lok. Mrignaini and Trisha see Naagin who complained in the meeting hall is not belong to their Naagin clan and realise Prathna is killing small snakes to save humans and their clan name. Trisha says Raghu has to think Prathna is wrong and they decide to not reveal it to Raghu. On another side, Manjeet arranges lunch arrangements for Naina’s family. Meher goes to Prathna and tries to cheer Prathna but it doesn’t happen. Meher prays to god to send someone who can end Prathna’s anger.

Raghu in the sabha reveals to everyone that he decides to go to Dharti lok to solve the problem. Katyayani says she will accompany him. Raghu refuses and asks her to stay with Trisha mom and Mrignaini’s mom. Trisha decides to accompany Raghu to the Dharti lok to keep him away from getting attracted to Prathna. On another side, Meher teases Param. She is about to get electrocuted because of a broken wire but Prathna rescues her on time. Prathna scolds the technician. The technician apologises to them. Prathna leaves.

Gautham, Sonia, and Naina come to Manjeet’s house. They meet Param’s family and fix Param and Naina’s marriage. Meher says she will show their house to them and take them with her. Gautham sees Prathna’s room and asks who stays there. Meher says a new tenant is staying there. She knocks on the door and asks Prathna to open the door to meet Param’s girlfriend’s family. Prathna angrily opens the door and asks why she is disturbing her. Prathna gets shocked seeing Gautham, Sonia, and Naina. Meher goes to search for her brother. Gautham, Sonia, and Nanina feel emotional and enter her room. Prathna closes the door. Gautham and Sonia ask Prathna what she doing here and where is Raghu and her daughters. Prathna asks them to leave and says she doesn’t have answers to their questions. Sonia demands she has to answer them. Prathna says they are separated 5years back when they left the house and asks them to not contact her again. She leaves. Gautham says Prathna is looking lifeless. They decide to know what happened in Raghu and Prathna’s life.

Katyayani decides to go to Dhartilok. Prathna sees small snakes following Gautham’s car to attack them. Small snakes stop Gautham’s vehicle. Prathna in her naagin form holds small snakes. Gautham starts the car and leaves from there. A small snake tells Prathna that more snakes will come even if she kills him. Prathna kills them and says she destroys all of them.

Gautham and Sonia return home. They think about how to know what happened between Prathna and Raghu. They receive a letter from Raghu that he is returning from his work. Meher tells Manjeet that they need to use a model to promote their sarees so they can sell more sarees which can help her to collect donations for girl’s education. Manjeet says models charge more. Meher goes to Prathna and insists to help her. Prathna refuses but Meher makes her agree.

In the Naaglok, Raghu asks subordinates to open the Naaglok doors. They open the Naaglok doors. Takshak advises him to stay safe. Raghu agrees and leaves for Dharti lok. Trisha and Mrignaini also leave without others’ knowledge. Katyayani and her friends decide to see how dharti lok looks and they reach Dharti lok from the Yamuna river.

Meher asks Param to take good photos of Prathna. Meher agrees. Prathna comes there getting ready in a saree. Meher praises her look. Prathna asks her to finish the photoshoot soon. Param takes her photos. Prathna remembers Raghu. Meher asks Prathna to want more but she refuses and changes to her dress. Raghu comes to that area. Prathna’s dupatta falls on him. Meher goes to get it. She meets Raghu and takes the dupatta. Raghu asks what’s her name. Meher says Meher Kaur and runs inside. She returns the dupatta to Prathna. She asks her to thank her. Prathna reminds her she didn’t thank her for the photo shoot. Meher thinks it’s really tough to handle this sour girl and the guy I met is sweet like rasgulla.

Mrignaini and Trisha get teased for their look. Raghu goes to their rescue and asks what they doing in dharti lok. They tell him they came to help him. Raghu tells them they need to dress up in another way to live in dharti lok otherwise their identity will get exposed. He takes them with him. Katyayani feels hungry and asks her friends to get her the food others are eating. They go to shop but they didn’t get food and tell Katyayani that he denied to give them food without money. Katyayani says we lost the way, we have to take care of food and place arrangements until we meet my father. Raghu returns home with Mrignaini and Trisha. Gautham, Sonia, and the other kids feel happy seeing Raghu. Raghu recalls his memories in the house and meets everyone happily. Sonia asks Raghu where is Prathna. Raghu diverts the matter. Sonia tells Raghu that tomorrow is the engagement of Naina. She makes him talk to Param’s family. Prathna comes there to take a tablet from Manjeet and gets surprised to hear Raghu’s name.

Episode ends.

Precap – Masked Prathna dances with Raghu at the party. Later Prathna tells Prashant ‘someone from their Naagin’s clan is behind a small snake project’