Naagin 6 17th September 2022 Written Update: Pratha and Prarthana save Neha


Naagin 6 17th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pratha reaching Naagmahal. Takshak welcomes Pratha. Pratha asks who called her daughter in her dream. He says I called her. She asks him to never call her daughter again by coming to her dreams. Takshak says I won’t but your daughter will come here and will become Shesh Naagin and in the past, you also became one even though you don’t want to become Shesh Naagin. Pratha says I don’t want to talk about the past and I asked Shiv Ji to not let my daughter become Shesh Naagin and I’m requesting you the same, my daughter won’t come here and I won’t let her turn into Shesh Naagin. She leaves. Takshak says she can’t change her destiny.

Prarthana calls her Dad. Jeet asks why she went today as it’s red moon night. Prarthana says she is going to attend an interview at a media house that reaches the core of truth. She says she is feared if she got selected or not. Jeet says she will get selected. Rudra tells his friend that everyone is circulating that the minister died because of a bug attack but it’s stupid and it can’t be true. Prarthana comes there in heavy rain. She sees kids are drenched in rain. She helps them by giving her umbrella. Rudra sees her from the back and gets impressed. He helps other kids by giving them his umbrella. His employee gives him another umbrella but Rudra says he wants to enjoy the rain.

Prarthana says she can’t be selected in her drenched state. Mongoose attacks her. Prarthana kicks it then it dies. Snake catcher and reporter come there. Snake catcher tells him that she can be naagin too. The manager takes them inside. Rudra receives his mom’s call. He asks his assistant to cancel the interview session saying he is busy. Prarthana sees how other candidates are worried. She fights with the assistant. Rudra comes there. He says Prarthna that her face is similar to someone and he asks his assistant to set up the interviews. Rudra meets Snake Catcher and asks him to tell what’s his story. Snake catcher tells him that today Shesh Naagin’s daughter is going to become Shesh Naagin and we need her as she is power full. Rudra gives unbelievable look. He asks them to set up for the interview.

Anmol says Rudra is not attending her calls. Rishabh asks why she is behind him when he doesn’t give her attention. Pratha says let’s meet at his office and I will accompany you. Anmol agrees. Pratha says let’s meet Rudra’s parents with a marriage proposal. Rishabh asks what if they deny it. Pratha insists on him then he agrees. Anmol feels happy. Rudra tells Snake Catcher that these are superstitions and I won’t believe it. Prarthana thinks he is arrogant. She wishes luck to the other girl and tells her that she doesn’t want to work on a news channel where the boss is rude. Professor calls Reception of news channel. Receptionist says she can’t give a call to Prarthana.

Prarthana takes the call and tells him that she is returning as she doesn’t want to work under a rude boss. Pratha and Rishabh meet Rudra’s parents and they go inside the channel. Prarthana asks the guard to return the phone. Guard says she can’t get the phone until the interview is ended and doors are closed too. Prarthana sees someone going inside. She asks how they are going if the doors are closed. Guard says they are the the the boss.

Rudra stops interviewing Snake catcher. Saphera plays music saying Naagin is near to them. His tune affects Pratha and Prarthana. Rudra stops him and asks his guard to throw him out. Rudra meets Pratha and tells her that he saw girl like her again and tells her that he will make her meet her. Anmol asks him to take her out. Rudra says he has work. The guards throw Snake catcher out. He leaves saying whatever he said is true and if it’s false then trust me there is no Maha Saphera too. He leaves breaking some wire. Neha goes there without noticing a short circuit. Pratha tries to Neha. Saphera sees Pratha and waits for her to change as Shesh Naagin.

Prarthana sees Neha is struggling to come out. She goes to help and helps Neha to come out. Maha Sapehera sees both of them in shock. Pratha and Prarthana don’t see each other. Neha hugs Prarthana. Saphera thinks his assumptions are true and he decides to make Shesh Naagin in his vash. Neha thanks Prarthana. Prarthana says some other lady saved you and you have to thank her. Pratha thinks about the girl who helped her to save Neha. Rudra rushes to Pratha and asks if she is fine. He asks him to get first and kit but he sees her injuries disappear all of a sudden. Pratha tells him she is fine.

On another side, Neha sees Prarthana’s cuts are healed immediately. Prarthana says she doesn’t know how it happened. Rudra comes there and he praises Prarthana’s bravery and tells her that I told you about madam who looks like you is here and she saved Neha with you. Rishabh asks Anmol to rethink her decision and tells her that Rudra won’t give her time in future too. Anmol says Rudra is busy as a short circuit happened. Pratha comes there. Anmol asks her to make Rishsbh understand. Pratha asks him to behave well with Rudra.

Rudra comes there with his mom. Rishabh asks why he called his daughter last night many times. Pratha stops Rishabh and she invites Rudra and his family to dinner at their house. Anmol asks Rudra to attend her calls. They leave. Saphera tells his team that he finds out who’s becoming Shesh Naagin and we have to trap her to take revenge for our guru’s death and we have to acquire Naagmani from her. Prarthana collides with Pratha and drops her file She struggles to collect papers. Pratha sees a fan making papers flying in all direction. She goes to turnoff the fan. Prarthana touches Pratha’s feet while collecting papers. Both feel some sensation. Pratha turns back.

Episode ends.

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