Naagin 6 18th March 2023 Written Update: Prashant requests Prathna


Naagin 6 18th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sonia introducing Raghu to Param on a video call. Prathna hears Raghu’s name. She thinks about what she heard. Manjeet gives Prathna headache medicine. She leaves. Param’s family feels happy after seeing Raghu. They divide to meet in engagement. On the other hand, Sonia asks Raghu about Prathna. Raghu says they are not together. Gautham says we know it but we want to hear it from you. Trisha comes there and reveals them Prathna and Raghu separated 7 years back, Prathna was the reason for one of their baby’s death so they separated and Raghu shifted to Australia with his other daughter.

Katyayani and her friends enter Manjeet’s house and they steal Meher parathas and enjoy them. Meher searches under the table to know who is stealing her parathas but she didn’t find anyone. She shifts to another place.

In the laboratory, one Scientist thinks Prathna is halting their project. Naagin comes there and says she did her work in Naaglok and Naag Raj is here to stop Shesh Naagin. Gautham and Sonia discuss they didn’t like the way Trisha is sticking to Raghu. Raghu recalls his moments with Prathna in the house. He sees Trisha in Prathna’s dress. He asks Trisha to not use it. Gautham and Sonia overhear it and think Raghu is faking anger and he still loves Prathna.

Manjeet makes workers decorate the venue for Param’s engagement. Hoarding people handovers Prathna’s poster to Meher. Meher makes them arrange it outside for promotion. Hoarding is about to fall on Meher but Raghu saves her in time. Meher thanks him. Naina asks Meher if she is fine. Meher says fine. She takes them inside. Manjeet’s family welcomes them. Sonia and others think where is Prathna? Naina calls Meher and asks her about Prathna. Meher says she doesn’t come and leaves. Sonia asks how Raghu and Prathna will meet if Prathna doesn’t attend the engagement. Naina says she will bring Prathna. She goes to Prathna’s room and asks her to attend her engagement but Prathna denies it.

Naina returns in sadness. Raghu asks why she looks tensed. Naina says she felt emotional. Raghu says it happens. The engagement ritual gets started. Katyayani and her friends enjoy the food hiding from guests. Prathna comes there and prays to Shiv ji to bless Naina. She is about to leave but Meher stops her and insists her to come inside. Engagement gets completed. Ballu asks everyone to wear masks. Everyone wears masks. Prathna is about to fall but Raghu holds her. Prathna blesses Naina.

Masked Prathna dances with Raghu at the party during the partner exchange. Small snake’s come there to attack the people. Prathna spots them and takes them outside. She holds small snakes and asks them to tell her who their boss is. Another snake sees everything and leaves from there. The small snake changes herself like Naagin and seeks Raghu’s help. Raghu goes to the jungle to save them. Small snake smirks. Small snakes say their head will give them painful death if they reveal their boss’s identity. They drink poison and die. Prathna looks on and leaves. Raghu comes there and sees small snakes are dead. He thinks if his dream is correct and Prathna is behind the incidents.

Meher and Ballu catch Katyayani and her friends. Katyayani gets angry with Meher and leaves. Prathna meets Prashant and tells Prashant ‘someone from their Naagin’s clan is behind a small snake project’. Prashant asks who’s behind it. Prathna says she doesn’t know who it is. Small Naagin gives dangerous poison from Naaglok to lab people. Lab people say they will multiply it and kill more people. Prashant asks Prathna to help him to know who it is and asks her to go to Naaglok. Prathna thinks about Raghu. She says she can’t go to Naaglok and tells him she is leaving as 4 days have ended.

The child trafficker sees Katyayani and her friends. She calls his team. Katyayani goes aside from her friends. Someone takes Katyayani. Raghu hears Katyayani’s voice and catches the person who is taking his daughter. It turns out to be Prathna. Prathna says she won’t let him separate his daughter from her. Prathna defeats him and takes Katyayani. Raghu wakes up in shock. He thinks if Katyayani is in trouble. Trisha comes there and asks him if he got the same dream again. She asks him to not think about Prathna as she is not alive. Raghu says she is alive and I can feel it.

On another side, Child trafficking people kidnap Katyayani and her friends giving them chloroform. Chloroform doesn’t work on Katyayani. She demands that they have to free them but they didn’t. Katyayani shouts for help. Prathna who’s going that side hears Katyayani’s voice. Prathna stops the van. Kidnappers come out to check why the van got halted. Prathna thrashes them. They fall unconscious.

Katyayani comes out. She hugs Prathna and thanks her for saving their life. Prathna looks on. Katyayani says I can never forgive your help and I will make you get a reward by telling my father but how you defeated them. Prathna says I informed the Police and they will come here and take you guys to your houses. Police come there and thank Prathna for her help. Prathna leaves. Katyayani thinks Prathna saved her like a mother. Later, Inspector asks Constable to send Katyayani and her friends to their home knowing their address. Constable asks Katyayani about her address.

Katyayani tells him she is Raajkumari and the daughter of Shesh Naag. Constable complains to Inspector. Katyayani and her friends escape from the police station. The inspector notices Kids are missing and asks Constable to search kids. Meher practices how to thank her mother in Prathna’s room. Prathna asks if she won’t get any other room. Meher says it’s a surprise to her parents. She asks how her speech is and tells her about the importance of parents. Prathna asks her to stop it.

Episode ends.

Precap – Prathna becomes Kaali to save Meher.

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