Naagin 6 18th September 2022 Written Update: Prarthana enters Naag Mahal


Naagin 6 18th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prarthana colliding with Pratha and her file falls down. Pratha sees her picking the papers but doesn’t see her face. She thinks to switch off the fan. Prarthana’s hand touches Pratha’s foot while picking up the papers. Both feel the sensation. Pratha turns off the fan. Prarthana thanks her. The receptionist tells Prarthana that next is her interview. Prarthana goes to the interview room. Pratha doesn’t see Prarthana’s face. Rudra asks Prarthana to sit. He receives Anmol’s call and makes Prarthana wait for a long time. Later he disconnects the call promising Anmol that he will come to dinner. Rudra asks Prarthana why she wants to work in their channel. Prarthana mocks him for making her wait for so long. She asks him to hire Neha as she needs the job more than her. Rudra says he thinks about it and tells her that she will be on probation period for some time.

At home, Pratha closes all doors and tells Anmol that no one can leave out tonight. Anmol complains to her dad that Pratha is not allowing her to go out for dinner. Pratha says tonight she won’t let her leave. Rishabh asks Anmol to follow her mom. He says he won’t leave Rudra if he fails to attend dinner. Anmol asks him to not scold Rudra and he promised to attend dinner.

Professor thinks tonight is red mood night. Minister comes there to meet Jeet. Jeet asks him about the attack. Minister says someone is planning to attack their nation. Jeet thinks his suspicion is correct and decides to meet Pratha. Rudra and his parents come to Rishabh’s house. Rudra’s mother asks about Pratha. Anmol says mom does pooja on every red moon night. Rudra’s mother goes to see the pooja. Pratha bears lots of pain and removes her skin. Mrs. Raichand is about to enter the room but Pratha stops her from outside. She takes her downstairs. Rudra tells Pratha about the girl who looks like her. Rishabh asks why he lost in mobile. Rudra says it’s some funny story. Pratha asks what’s it. Rudra says it’s about Naagin and Maha Saphera. He says these are superstitions. Rishabh says there is a lot which we don’t know and Pratha believes in it.

Pratha tells him she believes in Naagin and tells him that he can’t insult anyone in this way which he is unaware of. Rudra thinks maybe he is wrong. Pratha calls them to eat dinner. Rudra says he has to call. He calls Prarthana and asks her to do the assignment of Shesh Naagin by interviewing Maha Saphera. Prarthana says I won’t believe about them. Rudra says my mam believes it and she exactly looks like you. Prarthana agrees to do the interview. She calls Vivek and asks him for Maha Saphera’s number for an interview. Maha Saphera says to other snake charmers that Prarthana is coming to our place and tonight she is becoming Shesh Naagin.

Prarthana comes to the place mentioned by Vivek. She thinks Rudra sent her here to fire her from the job. Tara comes there and asks Prarthana why she came here. Prarthana tells I came here for an assignment. Tara asks what are red marks on her body. Prarthana says it happens every red moon night. Tara suggests her to drink milk near Shiv Ji to get cured from her state. She leaves. Tara meets Urvashi and tells her that no one can stop Prarthana from becoming Shesh Naagin. Urvashi says you saved me from Kedarnath and we have to take revenge on Pratha using Prarthana.

Prarthana enters the place along with snakes. Anmol hits Rudra’s feet while eating food. Pratha receives the professor’s call. She goes aside to attend his calls. Prarthana sees Snake charmers. Prarthana turns on her mobile camera and questions him about Naag and Naagins. Maha Saphera says you’re naagin. She says she doesn’t know what he is talking about. He says he will prove it and plays the flute along with other snake charmers. Prarthana runs from there. They follow her.

Professor tells Pratha about the attack which is going to happen in their country. Pratha says I can’t help you, I’m keeping my powers in control for my family and with Shiv Ji’s blessings my daughter Anmol didn’t turn into Naagin. She disconnects the call. Professor drops the phone and thinks if Prarthana is Pratha’s daughter and Anmol is his daughter. Pratha comes to the dining table. She proposes for Rudra and Anmol’s marriage. Rudra says he doesn’t like to marry. Rishabh gets angry. Takshak says she is coming here and her fate is bringing her here. Prarthana enters the temple. Rishabh says I told you long back that this guy will make my daughter hurt and he holds Rudra’s collar and confronts why he hurt his daughter. Rudra says Anmol is just his friend. Pratha makes Rudra and his family leave from there. Anmol cries in the room. Pratha asks Anmol to open the door. She fears that her daughter may become Naagin as Rudra refused to marry her.

Takshak says Shesh Naagin is here. He disappears. Diyas lit with Prarthana’s entry into the temple. Prarthana thinks about why she feels she knows this place. She sees Naageswari’s photo and feels her touch. She sees Payal in the drawer. She likes them and wears them to her feet. Prarthana sees the surroundings and thinks what’s this place? Snake Charmer comes there and says this is Naag Mahal. He asks his subordinates to open all doors so let moonlight will fall on her. Prarthana feels pain when moonlight falls on her. Snake Charmer plays the flute along with other snake charmers. Prarthana dances on the flute sound. She falls near the milk vessel. Pratha senses someone is calling her mom.

Episode ends.

Recap – Prarthana asks Takshak who used to perform the Ekadasi pooja before her. Takshak says Shesh Naagin. Pratha comes there.

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