Naagin 6 19th June 2022 Written Update: Pratha swears to take revenge on the killers of her Baby


Naagin 6 19th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Urvashi calling Mehek and says Rajesh Pratap Singh is not answering the call. Mehek cuts the call seeing Rishabh. Mehek asks Rishabh whom they are going to invite in Uttarakhand. Rishabh says it’s Singh sir. Mehek thinks if both Singhs are the same. Rishabh sees the way is closed. He takes another route to reach Uttarakhand. Mehek thinks she needs to meet Singh too. On the radio, Mehek listens Yati bear is coming toward Uttarakhand and Yati always comes for a particular person hunt and doesn’t know who’s that person.

Mehek feels tense and she asks him to take her back but Rishabh denies saying it’s an important deal for him. They reach Singh place. Mehek thinks to talk with Singh about the place Zain wants for their operation. Servant informs them that Singh is out of town and shows Singh’s message to them. He asks them to stay at their place as Yati is roaming near places and you can leave in the morning. Mehek insists Rishabh to stay. Rishabh agrees. Mehek locks all doors. They fall asleep.

After some time all things fall on the floor. Mehek sees Rishabh is missing and senses Yati is near. She comes out of the house. Yati attacks her. Mehek attacks him with her power but it didn’t affect Yati bear and kills her. It turns out to be Mehek’s nightmare. She opens the window and notices the weather is changed. She comes out and notices Yati bear. Yati bear attacks her. Mehek fails to activate her Naagmani. Yati bear holds her. Mehek tells him she is not Shesh Naagin 3 times. Naagmani leaves her. Yati leaves from there learning she is a normal snake. Then she places Naagmani in her naval.

Pratha comes in front of Yati bear and tells him that she is the Shesh Naagin whom he is searching for. Yati sits on his knees. Pratha says I know you took this form to make me get back my powers from Mehek. She thanks Angel and Shesh Naag for their help. Yati bear leaves. Pratha thanks Shiv Ji for making her get the power. She becomes Shesh Naagin and thinks about how she got Naagmani when Mehek throws it and how she exchanged it with another one. Police officer denies giving money taking fruits and throwing the vendor when she asked for money for her daughter’s treatment.

Pratha helps that vendor by giving money. Later Pratha kills that police officer for murdering her daughter and misusing her powers. Pratha walks in the road. Rishabh drives the car and horns the car but Pratha doesn’t move. His car goes out of control all of a sudden. Mehek wakes up in a jerk. Rishabh goes out to check the lady but he didn’t find anyone. Mehek thinks her Naagmani is safe with her.

Pratha comes to Naagmahal and recalls how everyone betrayed her. She places Payal near her grandmother’s photo. Mehek and Urvashi close the windows and thinks how this sudden toofan came. Pratha asks Shiv Ji to show her people who are the reason for her baby’s death. Pratha sees Rishabh, Mehek, Rehan, and Vivan. She says she will take revenge on people by killing them who are responsible for her daughter’s death and she swears to punish them. Urvashi tells Mehek that Zain will kill them as they fail to get him the land he wants and what’s the use of you to become Shesh Naagin. Pratha says nothing can stop her until she takes revenge. She walks away with Trishul.

The next day, Chanda lights Diya near Pratha’s photo and wishes her a happy birthday. Jwala and co wait to celebrate Pratha’s birthday. Lite girl runs seeing drunken man. Chanda hears someone is beating the door and goes toward the locked room. A little girl runs inside. Man catches her. Pratha cones there. They ask Pratha to come to release the little girl. Pratha changes to her Naagin form and scared them.

Episode ends.

Recap – Reem opens the locked room and gets shocked seeing the person inside the room. Urvasi says it’s going to start if a new story. Pratha will enter Rishabh’s house in a new avatar.

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