Naagin 6 19th March 2022 Written Update: Pratha kills Rithi Sharma


Naagin 6 19th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Diya is calling Pratha many times. Urvashi hides hearing Pratha’s phone ring tone. Pratha notices missed calls of Diya and Calls her back. Diya goes to the police station and complains against Vivaan and Rihaan showing the video. Rithi assures her that she will make her get the injustice and asks her to leave. Pratha feels worried for Diya and comes out. Diya falls from the terrace. Pratha notices someone is running on the terrace. Diya tells Pratha that she gave a complaint at police station and takes promise from her to punish the culprit. Pratha shouts for her. Diya leaves her last breath.

Everyone surrounds Diya’s body. Vijay comes there to inquire about the situation. Pratha tells him someone from the house killed her. Rishabh asks if she has any proof to blame his family. Pratha tells them Diya complained to the police. Rithi comes there. Pratha asks her to tell truth to everyone. Rithi lies that Diya committed suicide as her lover didn’t accept her love. Pratha says you’re lying as she was murdered. Rithi tells she is not. Pratha goes upstairs to search the proof to find the culprit. She gets some chain and she holds it to know the culprit but she didn’t then She says Shiv to help her to reach the culprit. She changes to human form hearing someone is coming. Rishabh comes there and asks what’s she doing. Pratha tells she lost her friend and he can’t understand her pain. Rishabh tells her he can understand her pain as he experienced in his grandfather’s death and makes her leave the lantern.

Next morning Mehek comes to Pratha’s room and tells her that music is a sign. Pratha tells her don’t know how to trace the truth. Reeti Sharma is revealed as Asur and she tells other Asur’s that she helped Rivaan and Nivaan. Pratha tells Mehek that they have to find the secret behind Rithi as she is lying. Anya tells Pratha that Seema is calling her. Urvashi comes to Seema to show her snake skin but stops seeing Pratha. Seema asks Pratha to start her new life with Rishabh and she gives her began paste. Seema asks Urvashi what she wants to tell her. Urvashi thinks to tell Seema about Snakeskin after finding it’s connection to Pratha.  Mehek goes to police station and meets Vijay and asks him about Rithi Sharma. He tells her Rithi madam didn’t come. Mehek tells him she will wait at the station.

Pratha hears Rishabh is helping Diya’s family. Pratha thanks him and asks him to have a bath with began flour paste. He asks her to apply it to him. Pratha applies to his body and while applying she falls on him. Reem enters their room and is shocked seeing their position and tells them that she will learn to knock his room from here onwards and she asks Pratha to help them with pooja. Mehek learns that Rithi can wrong works for money. Lalith hides behind Seema seeing Urvashi. Pratha prepares Kheer. Seems feels happy and asks her to do the pooja. Pratha performs pooja and prays God to give her strength to kill the Asur’s.

Mehek confronts Rithi and fights with her to know who’s the culprit in Diya’s murder. Rithi didn’t tell him. Mehek tells her she doesn’t know who’s she. Rithi tells I know you’re Naagin and she shows her CCTV footage where it’s recorded that she is Naagin and tells her that she is not scared of her and aims a pistol at her and plays the music. Mehek asks if she is also Asur. Rithi tells her she is Asur and points a gun at her. Pratha performs pooja with Rishabh and family members. Pratha feels some wrong is happening with Mehek. Rithi says I will tell everyone that I will kill you for self defense so come to your real form as you have to kill in my hands or you have to kill me. Pratha thinks about how to save her sister and stops while doing rounds. Lalith throws Urvashi telling she is black magician. Everyone goes to him then Pratha leaves from there and saves Mehek by locking Rithi in her tail and telling her that she is the Sarvashresth Naagin who came to kill them.

Rithi gets scared. Mehek changes to her snake form. Rithi takes her gun and tells them that everything is recorded in CCTV footage and tells them that she will kill them. Pratha thinks how she knows about their story if Shesh Naagin and tells her that it’s not easy to kill Shiv Vardani. Rithi shoots at them which cause a fire explosion. Pratha asks how can she harm her country when she is in the position to save country. Girls in the station shout for help. Mehek goes to save them. Pratha tells Rithi that she will die in the fire like Holika Dahan and attacks her. Mehek saves the prisoners. Seema asks Rishabh to start Holika Dahan. She asks where is Pratha. Rishabh call her but she doesn’t attend it. Radha asks Rishabh to start it. Rishabh thinks where Pratha went and he starts the Holika Dahan. Pratha and Mehek notices that Rithi is burning in the fire and dies in front of them. Mehek tells Pratha that Holika Dahan happened. Urvashi notices marks of shake in the Pratha place.

Episode ends.

Precap – Snane charmer threatens Pratha saying he will expose her real identity to everyone.

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