Naagin 6 1st October 2022 Written Update: Rudra realizes he has feelings for Prathna


Naagin 6 1st October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prathna changing to Naagin form and stopping the lift from crashing. Rudra and everyone gets saved and leaves for the engagement venue. Professor Jeet confronts Sunaina about why she changed babies and played with them and now babies are connected to families they have grown and I can’t even tell Prathna that she is naagin. Suhasini says naagin daughter will be naagin only. Jeet says you played this game with a motive but I won’t let it happen and will get Prathna married. Suhasini smirks. Prathna wakes up in steps and she thinks about what happened in the last 10 minutes. Jeet calls Prathna. Prathna tells him she is returning home.

Friends tease Anmol. Pratha thinks to ask Anmol about the snake she saw at the event. She takes Anmol aside and asks her about the snake. Anmol says it’s a big snake and it saved me. Rudra and his family come to the engagement venue. Everyone notices a coffee mark on his suit. Rudra says it happened in the office. His friend tells him he bought an extra suit and gives him. While changing Rudra recalls his moments with Prathna.

Prathna returns home and is confused about seeing people at home. Jeet takes her aside and tells her that she got a good alliance. Prathna tells she won’t marry. He tells her he wants to see her get married before he died. Prathana looks confused and serves snacks to the groom’s family. Jeet tells the groom that Prathna wants to work after marriage. Groom agrees. Jeet asks Prathna if she likes anyone. Prathna thinks about Rudra. She tells Jeet that she doesn’t love anyone. Groom’s mother makes her wear a shagun chain and tells her that they like her. They leave. Then Jeet takes Prathna out to eat food in the new hotel.

Annie feels happy to be with Rudra. Suhasini comes to Pratha’s house. She asks Pratha if she calls the professor to engagement as Anmol is like his daughter. Pratha says she didn’t and leaves. Suhasini thinks you can’t hide anything from me as I know you’re naagin. On the way, Some thug attacks Professor Jeet. Prathna becomes Naagin and thrashes him. Professor Jeet holds her when she is falling down. Prathna says she doesn’t know what’s happening with her. Jeet says you’re Naagin but I don’t want you to become like Naagin that’s why I want you to get married so you won’t face problems like your mom. Pratha asks if her mom is Naagin too? Jeet doesn’t answer and tells her that her mom is not alive. Jeet insists Prathna to get married in 4 days and asks her to leave far. Prathna agrees.

Anmol and Rudra get engaged to each other by exchanging rings. Friends ask Anmol and Rudra to play the game by closing their eyes to know the person they love more. Anmol closes her eyes and sees Rudra. Rudra sees Prathna and gets shocked. Professor takes Prathna to his office room. Prathna says you never allowed me here. Jeet says now it’s time you have to know. She sees everything and asks what he does. Jeet takes her promise and reveals to her how he saved the country 2 times. He says now 3 leaders got died as enemies don’t want our country’s growth and I’m finding out who’s behind it. Prathna says I’m so proud of you dad. She offers to help him for their nation if he ever needs her help. Anmol asks whose face he saw. Rudra looks on. Sanjana says he may saw some terrorist face. Deeba drops gifts. Anmol makes servants place those gifts in the store room. Where Anmol sees Mehek’s photo and thinks who’s sh?. Pratha tells she is your aunt and she is the worst person so leave about her and enjoy your big day.

Tara tells Urvashi that again 2 sisters are going to be enemies. Jeet says I may take help if you’re just Shesh Naagin but you’re my daughter and I don’t want you to get involved in this and I will solve this by myself. Prathna thinks I promised dad to not take Naagin roop but I may get to know about the secrets from Naag mahal. Rudra sees Anmol. He recalls his moments with Prathna.

Prathna enters Naag Mahal. Takshak and everyone welcome her. Takshak says welcome to Naag Mahal Shesh Naagin and now you have to do maha Navami pooja which didn’t happen in the last 21 years. Prathna asks who used to do it before 21 years. Takshak says Shesh Naagin and one day you will meet her. Pratha thinks to thank the naagin who saved her daughter by going to Naagmahal. She takes snakeskin and thinks to know who saved her daughter. Takshak asks Prathna to start the pooja. Prathna performs the pooja. Pratha comes to Naag mahal. She sees decorated Naagmahal and realises it’s Navami pooja. She enters inside to thank the naagin who saved her daughter but she notices Naagmahal is empty. She notices someone did pooja and thinks Takshak may have done the pooja. She notices her Grandmother’s Payal is missing. Prathna thinks about how she is related to Naag mahal. Pratha says don’t know what are these signs. She places a snake skin vessel and she asks Shiv Ji to show the face of Naagin who saved her daughter. Pratha sees her face in the vessel and gets confused. She says you’re angry at me that’s why you’re not making me see that Naagin face but I know you won’t leave to support me and make me meet her one day.

Episode ends.

Precap – Zain is back to ruin the country. Rudra gets clues about attacks. Prathna and Pratha decide to save the nation.

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