Naagin 6 20th November 2022 Written Update: Pratha and Prathna look for answers


Naagin 6 20th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prathna waking up from her nightmare in shock. She shouts maa. Pratha comes to her and asks if she saw any bad dream. Prathna tells her about her dream. Pratha asks if she saw this kind of dream before. Prathna denies. Pratha asks if she did anything new. She saw her anklets. Prathna says she saw a dangerous creature and why this dream came to me. Pratha says it can be related to our ancestor’s rivalry, so let’s wait to know about it and now we have to plan our next target. Patali and Rudra’s parents discuss about Wedding shopping of Anmol and Rudra. Sanjana notices her husband is getting attracted to Urvashi. She asks Patali to make Urvashi stay away from her husband and tells her that they are here to collect their share. She leaves. Urvashi notices them. She goes to Patali and asks Patali what is Sanjana talking about. Patali says Sanjana is feeling you’re trapping her husband. Urvashi says she doesn’t have any interest in him plus she doesn’t want to give a share to them. Prathna changes like Urvashi and flirts with Ranjeet. Anmol sees Rudra coming downstairs. She informs him that next month they are going to get married. Rudra agrees and takes out Anmol. Prathna notices Anmol and Rudra.

Urvashi searches for Naagmani and says to Patali that she got an international seller to sell it. She asks why Mani is not in place. Patali says you won’t get it and I will sell it to my Kalkeya clan. Urvashi says you stopped meeting them then why you want to sell them and they can’t afford it as they are poor and robbers. Patali says her clan will get powerful with the Naagmani. Urvashi says your clan people are dacoits. Patali warns her to not talk against her clan and says they need to give Naagmani to her clan leader Sarkar and he is coming here. Patali takes out Naagmani. Urvashi says Naagins will kill them if they don’t have Naagmani with them. Patali says we have to send everyone out of the house and make everyone wear an amulet that will protect us.

Pratha tells Prathna that she didn’t find Rishabh anywhere in the house. Prathna tells her that she felt bad seeing Rudra with Anmol. Pratha asks Prathna to not forget her target. That time Rudra says he wants to meet Rishabh. Anmol tells him they can’t meet him as he is in ICU. Rudra agrees. He says he has to go to the office. Sanjana comes there and warns him that Pratha and Prathna may harm him if he goes outside. Rudra says he doesn’t care. Prathna changes like Rithwik and goes to them. Rudra apologizes to him. Rithwik says he is fine as he is not engaged to Anmol and interested in Siyali. They go inside. Rithwik asks if they saw his grandmother. Patali says she will return before marriage. Rithwik invites them to the cave to have a good time. Urvashi asks everyone to go. Everyone agrees. Rithwik leaves. Urvashi gives amulets to everyone and asks them to not remove them. They agree. Prathna in Rithwik form notices it.

Later Patali welcomes her clan leader Sardar. Prathna spies on them and thinks about why Patali called them. Patali shows Naagmani to Sardar. Sardar says this Naagmani is not useful until they have Anklets of Naageswari and tells her that they can’t take it without Anklets. Patali asks what are the purpose of Anklets. Sardar says Singika won’t accept the Mani until we make her wear Anklets if we get both then we receive a boon. He leaves informing her. Prathna goes to Pratha and informs her about Singika. Pratha says Singika is a witch and she is against our clan and we have to know what happened in the past. Prathna asks who will inform them. Pratha says NaagRaj Takshak.

Rudra and everyone go to Cave. Rithwik calls Prathna and informs her that everyone is in the cave. Pratha and Prathna go to the cave. Rudra is about to slip. Prathna helps him. She is in Anmol’s tone asks him if he ever loved Prathna. He recalls his moments with Prathna. He thinks he loves her truly but can’t reveal it to her. He says he didn’t love Prathna and asks her to not take Prathna’s name again. Prathna feels bad and leaves in tears.

Prathna meets Ranjeet like Urvashi. He flirts with her then she reveals to him that she is Naagin. He feels scared and is about to run from there. Sanjana comes there and beats him for flirting with Urvashi. Prathna comes to her real form. They try to escape but Pratha stops them. Ranjeet and Sanjana say they can’t harm them when they have amulets with them. Pratha and Prathna threaten to shatter the cave to kill them. They hit the cave wall. Stones fall on Sanjana and Ranjeet. They plead with Prathna and Pratha to forgive them. Pratha and Prathna discuss that they can leave one of them who removes the amulet first from the other hand. Sanjana and Ranjeet attack eachother and they remove each other Amulets. Pratha and Prathna say they got defeated and can’tsaves themselves from their attack. Pratha and Prathna kill Sanjana and Ranjeet. They shatter cave and stones cover their bodies. Prathna again sees snake attacking her. Pratha and Prathna goes to Takshak for answers. He says he dont know anythintng and asks them to meet Kaliya Naag.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kaaliya Naag asks who has woken him up and attacks Pratha and Prathna for waking him up. Anmol backstabs Prathna in the naag mahal. Pratha gets shocked.

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