Naagin 6 21st January 2023 Written Update: Mysterious Naagin steals Vasuki’s germ from Prathna


Naagin 6 21st January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raghu making Prathna sit on the bed and asking her what happened and why she is crying. Prathna says she is fearing of losing kids and him like she lost her family in the past. Raghu assures her he is with him to set everything. He asks her to smile and gifts her an envelope. Prathna opens the envelope and gets surprised to see he changed his name to Raghuveer Prathna Ahlawat. Raghu tells her she can take her time. Prathna feels special.

In the kitchen, Seema thinks about how to save herself from Prathna and how to fix her position in the house. She hears Raghu telling Servant that he will eat food with Prathna in the room. He goes to heat food. Seema sprinkles kerosene and leaves. Raghu lights the stove which creates a fire. Seema acts like saving Raghu and falls into the kitchen intentionally. Ahlawat’s family saves Seema. Prathna understands Seema’s intention. Raghu asks Seema why she risked her life to save him. Seema in tears tells him that she always considered him as her son. Raghu says he will make her get respect and a position in the house like his mom. Seema hugs him and smirks seeing Prathna and Shesha. Prathna tells Shesha that Seema is doing it for her position in the house and she knows that I can’t hurt Raghu so I have to think about how to fail her plan. Shesha says it’s time for puja in the temple with your 9germs. Prathna says she will go to the temple and asks Shesha to keep an eye on Seema’s activities.

At the temple, Prathna prays to Shiv ji to make her puja get successful. She places 9 germs infront of shiv ji. She asks 9 planets to give the energy to 9germs. While Prathna is busy in her prayers one snake comes there and steals Vasuki’s germ placing a duplicate germ in the real germ place. Prathna doesn’t aware that one germ is stolen and she finishes the puja and takes the germs back to her navel. Naagin who steals Germ places the Vasuki germ near the door. The door gets open and Vishaka comes out from the cage and says she will achieve her dream using the Naagmani. On another side, Mehek accepts the defeat and falls to the ground. Vishakha comes there and tells Mehek that she came to save her. Visakha makes Mehek gets her life. Mehek becomes normal. Vishaka welcomes back Mehek. Mehek feels happy and thanks her. She asks who’s she. Vishaka says she is here to help her to take her revenge. Mehek asks what’s her advantage in it. Vishaka says she will know when the right time comes. Mehek says she won’t leave Prathna and tries to change to her Naagin form but she couldn’t. Vishaka says I just saved your life and you will get your powers when we find your anklets. Mehek thanks her and asks how she comes out of the cage. Vishaka says Vasuki germ is stolen from Shesh Naagin which is powerful and Prathna is unaware of it and because of it I got released. Mehek asks who stole Germ from Shesh Naagin. Vishaka says time will reveal it so let’s concentrate on how to find your anklets. Mehek agrees.

In the room, Prathna collides with Raghu. They lost in each other Raghu tells her he respects her decision about their relationship and tells her that she can take the decision that she wants. Prathna agrees and leaves the room. Prathna thinks about Raghu’s words. Shesha goes to Prathna and asks her to give one chance to Raghu and see how he is settling everything for you so realize that Rudra is not meant for you and Raghu is your destiny. On another side, Raghu drinks wine and recalls his memories with Prathna. Vinay feels tense for Mehek and the party that he is going to arrange the next day. He sees Raghu drinking. He goes to Raghu and advises him to propose his love with a gift. Shesha asks Prathna to accept Raghu’s love. Prathna says she was born to help people not to love someone and I need to tell my reality to Raghu. Mehek meets Seema along with Vishaka. Seema gets shocked seeing them. She asks Mehek to trust her and says she will help her to get anklets. Vishaka says it’s a waste to take Seema’s help as she is an old lady. Seema argues with her. Mehek stops Vishaka and tells her that they can’t enter the house because of Prathna so we need Seema’s help. Seema says glad you understand my importance. She says she will get the anklets.

The next day, Vinay says to family members no one knows about Mehek. Sonia asks him to not worry and says she will return. Vinay says today is a function so she has to return as I’m worried about arrangements. Prathna asks what’s the function at home. Vinay says it’s the anniversary of our store and Mehek loves money so I will give her how much she wants as I love her. Shesha slowly says Mehek loves Naagmani which you can never give her. Prathna smiles upon hearing it. Gautham asks Vinay to not worry and says Prathna will arrange everything for the party. Prathna agrees and says she will take Shesha’s help. Vinay thanks them. Shesha says to Prathna she is fulfilling her responsibilities. Prathna says it’s a matter of tonight’s party and I will tell my truth to Raghu then it’s up to him what he decides and if he accepts my reality then I will accept him. Shesha says he will accept you as I saw immense love for you in his eyes. Later Seema thinks about where Prathna might hide Anklets. Seema sees Prathna and acts sweet to her and says she is changed. Prathna says she is not a fool to trust her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Prathna accepts Raghu as her husband. Raghu hugs her. Later Prathna comes across Vishaka and they fight with each other.