Naagin 6 26th February 2022 Written Update: Rishabh escapes from Mehek’s attack


Naagin 6 26th February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ritesh asking Pratha to have food. Pratha denies and she sees calls from Mayank and thinks hope he doesn’t come back here. Ritesh feeds food to Pratha. Mayank witnesses it and insults Pratha’s character. Ritesh warns him to not talk in this way and he tells Pratha that he is not a good partner to her. Mayank asks if he is romancing with his fiancee and asks how much she will get for a day. Ritesh slaps him and warns him to apologise to Pratha. Pratha asks him to leave him. Ritesh calls Security and throws him out. Chachi tells Rhea that Ritesh is fighting for Pratha. Rhea asks Ritesh why he is reacting this way for worker? Ritesh says he called us with names and I will kill him if I ever saw him. Rhea asks why he created a scene for a normal worker. Pratha tells she will leave after finishing her work and she tells she needs money to take care of her Dad. Rhea tells she won’t get any money. Pratha tells how much she needs money. Rhea points him and Pratha. Ritesh shouts at her. Seema and Urvashi come there. Urvashi asks him to throw out Pratha. Rhea tells he has to choose between her and Pratha.

Urvashi tries to control Rhea. Ritesh gets angry and he asks Rhea to apologise to Pratha for creating a scene. Rhea denies and asks Pratha if she is doing everything for money. Ritesh tries to stop her but Rhea slaps him and asks him to marry Pratha and what’s the need for marriage go and have a honeymoon. Ritesh raises his hand but Seema stops him. Ritesh denies marrying Rhea. Rhea asks if he started liking Pratha. Ritesh says yes I like her and he holds Pratha’s hand. Seema asks him to leave Pratha and hand and tells him that he have to marry Rhea and she tells him she will throw out Pratha.

Ritesh stops her and tells her he wants to marry Pratha not Rhea as he wished to marry a simple girl. Seema slaps him for insulting her brought up. Ritesh says every time I listened to you but not this time so don’t force me and I won’t marry Rhea. Mehek attacks Rishabh. Seema says I saw the world and Rhea was correct that this kind of girls are behind money and if you marry her then I will disown you and I won’t let you enter my house. Ritesh asks Rhea if she will marry him. Rhea agrees to marry him if he throws out Pratha. Ritesh says Rhea is behind money and she doesn’t have self respect and he leaves out with Pratha.

Ritesh asks Pratha to not worry as they can live happily. Pratha tells she just loves her Dad and not anyone. Ritesh tells he will share her problems. Rishabh returns home in an injured state. Ritesh asks Pratha to apply ointment. Mehek sees Rishabh and thinks about how he got saved. Pratha cleans his hand. Rishabh looks at her. Mole from Rishabh’s hand gets removed. Mehek sees it and thinks so he is not the one.

Mr. Gujral is the one who’s with a mole on his hand and he deals with enemy country people and assures them that he will finish their deal and tells them that no one can  catches their 20 people team. Ritesh asks what happened to him. Rishabh tells a small accident and he asks where is he leaving on the night. Ritesh tells he is leaving the house with Pratha as he wants to marry her. Rishabh asks if he lost it and he asks him to come inside but he denies it then Rishabh takes Pratha inside and questions what’s her target to enter their place. Pratha tells she is doing the job for her dad. Rishabh gives her a cheque and asks her to tell Ritesh that she doesn’t marry him. Pratha tells she is not that kind of girl and she thinks nothing can buy her self respect and she is about to leave then her Dad calls her and tells her their house owner has thrown him out. Pratha assures him she will set everything then she thinks how can she set everything and she sees the cheque given by Rishabh.

Rhea cries badly. Urvashi asks Seema to do something. Seems agrees. Rishabh comes to Rhea and assures her that he will settle everything and he asks Reem to get ready. Urvashi sees Mehek and asks her about her husband. Mehek tells she doesn’t know about him. Urvashi tells she knows what’s happening between them. Mehek leaves asking her to deal with her husband. Pratha enters inside. Rishabh asks if she wants to marry his brother. Pratha tells no and I don’t even want to work here. Ritesh brings Pratha’s dad. Pratha’s Dad tells her Ritesh solved their problem. Rhea says she rejected you when you helped her. Ritesh says glad I helped them but I won’t marry you for sure. Seema enters to the secret room and tells her husband that Ritesh wants to marry Pratha and he denies to marry Rhea so I will cancel the marriage. Mr. Gujral lifts her holding her neck.

Mehek comes to Shiv temple and prays him to show her way to find a second Asur. Mr. Gujral says everyone feels you’re the head but we know that I’m the one who makes you do what I plan and you’re toy to me so go outside and tell everyone that this marriage is needed and act like you’re owner but I’m the owner and we have to perform both marriages today itself and I follow my Mom sastras so these marriages are needed and I will sell our country during this marriage so set yourself and arrange for the marriage.

Pratha is about to leave but Urvashi stops her saying Seema will teach her a lesson. Rishabh and Ritesh asks her to leave Pratha but she denies and scolds Ritesh. Seems comes there. Urvashi asks her to teach a lesson to her nasty son. Seema slaps Urvashi. Mr. Gujral acts like controlling her. Seema says I can’t bear it if anyone points my son and you’re my son that’s why I’m allowing your other daughter to marry my son and your husbands character is bad so stop pointing my son. Mr Gujral says he is a minister who protects the country. Seema says they are the one who protects the country. Rishabh asks Seema to control. Seema asks Urvashi where her husband went leaving his daughter’s marriage. Rishabh tells Ritesh that it’s happening because of him. Ritesh tells he will only marry Pratha. Rhea tells Seema that she is breaking their bonds by insulting their Mom. Rishabh tells them he will marry Reem. Seema says I’m not stopping you and it’s your choice and Ritesh will marry his love Pratha.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pratha says I am Naagin, who has come to save the world and kill Asur.

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