Naagin 6 26th February 2023 Written Update: Raghu opposes Prathna


Naagin 6 26th February 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prathna asking Prashanth how he is sure that nation will be in danger again. Prashant tells her about the mysterious deaths in the city using snake poison. He says it’s Naagin disease and we have to eradicate it. Prathna thinks about Raghu’s decision to return to Naaglok. Later Prathna returns home. She thinks glad Tina didn’t remember anything. Baba comes there and asks Prathna to give him some water. Prathna gives her water. Baba drinks the water. Prathna asks him to bless her and her baby. Baba blesses her and doesn’t give blessings to her baby. He says she will get the strength to face problems. He leaves. Prathna thinks about why he doesn’t give blessings to her baby. She prays to god to not test her again. She is in tears and asks her mom’s photo to guide her as she is conflicted between her duties. Prathna hears her mom’s voice. She asks if it’s her. Pratha says yes. Prathna says she is confused about whom to choose whether her family or nation. Pratha asks her to trust herself and advises her to do what she feels is correct. Prathna thanks her mother.

Raghu searches for Prathna and Tina. Prathna calls Raghu and tells him that she returned home with Tina. Raghu tells her Takshak called them to Naagmahal. Later they go to meet Takshak. Takshak tells them they decided to close the Naaglok doors to save themselves from an evil force. He asks them to return to Naaglok the next day before the door gets closed. Raghu agrees. Prathna thinks she has one day time left and how to solve the problem Prashant told her. Takshak and Raghu ask Prathna what’s she thinking. Prathna says she is not thinking of anything. Raghu and Prathna come out. Prathna doesn’t see when the branch is falling on her. Raghu saves her on time and asks what’s she hiding from him. Prathna shows him the chit she got from her father through Prashanth. She says she too has some responsibilities as Shesh Naagin. Raghu says let’s go to the place.

Raghu and Prathna reach the place. Raghu says no one is here so your father’s prediction might be wrong. Prathna says her father can’t be wrong. They hear sounds and enter the lab. One man sees them and dies by touching the potion. Raghu calls the police to seize the lab. Prathna says they are missing something. Raghu says the police will handle it.

Prathna and Raghu return home. Kids surprise them with their favourite food. After eating food, Prathna takes Raghu aside and asks him can’t they postpone their return to Naaglok. Raghu denies it and says Naaglok is safe for them and their baby so they are returning. He leaves Prathna feels conflicted and thinks about what she has to do. Weather changes suddenly. Prathna falls on the floor and goes into labor. She shouts Raghu’s name. Raghu rushes to Prathna and tells her nothing will happen to her. Prathna tells him it’s time for their baby’s arrival. Raghu asks Sonia to call Doctor. Sonia tells him Doctor can’t come home as the ways are closed. Prathna asks Raghu to do something. Raghi takes Prathna to the room. He assures Prathna to trust him and says their baby will be fine. Prathna says she trusts him. He prays to shiv to protect their baby. He asks Prathna to push the baby. Prathna delivers a baby girl. Raghu feels happy. Prathna says she is feeling pain again. She delivers another baby girl. Raghu and Pratgba feel happy seeing their babies. Kids feel happy seeing Prathna’s baby girls. Raghu asks them to leave and says Prathna needs to rest.

Mrignaini decorates the Naalok. Suwarna asks Takshak if he feels Raghu will return. Takshak says he will return. He reads the prediction book. Vasuki and other Naag ask why he looks sad. Takshak says he is seeing the danger lurking around Prathna and Raghu’s life. On another side, Prathna tells Raghu that she will name their kids. Raghu says he will name them and argues with each other. Raghu tries to kiss her. Prathna stops him. She asks if can’t they postpone their Naaglok return. Raghu says his decision is final and asks him to choose if her kid’s safety is important to her or her duty. On another side, Prathna and Raghi have a difference of opinion in their views and it’s interesting to see if they choose earth or Naaglok.

Prathna wakes up from her nightmare. She sees Prashanth throwing the stone. She goes to meet him. Prashanth asks her to not leave anywhere as our nation is in danger and the liquid you guys see in the lab is snake’s poison and they are training snakes to kill people so you have to save people from this upcoming calamity. He leaves. Prathna thinks about what she has to do. She couldn’t sleep. She decides to visit the lab again to rule out her doubt. One of her babies cries. Prathna takes the baby and understands that the baby wants to come with her. She leaves taking the baby without informing Raghu. Prathna reaches the lab with the baby. She uses her power and hears some sounds. She understands that something is happening in the underground. She finds a way and enters the underground lab. On another side, Raghu notices Prathna is missing with one of the baby. Prathna sees someone is taking the poison of snakes. She confronts the lab technician to tell her what’s happening. He dies by injecting poison into his body. Prathna gets shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap – Prathna decides to save her Naaglok.

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