Naagin 6 29th January 2023 Written Update: Prathna gives her word to Pratha


Naagin 6 29th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prathna coming in front of Vish and telling her that she won’t let her win. Vish says you can do anything to stop me but I’m going to win. They fight with each other. Shesha goes to Seema and asks her why she came. Seema says she came as she is missing her and says she is not bad. Shesha says you’re bad at mind and you’re missing me so see my snake form. She turns to her snake form. Seema leaves. Vish falls on the floor. Prathna catches Vish and says she lost again. Vish says this time I won as I’m successful in diverting you and Mehek went to Tina and you can rescue her if you want. Prathna sees Mehek kidnapping Tina. Prathna tries to go to save Tina. Vishaka blows fire from her mouth and burns the stage. Everyone runs in fear. Vish asks Prathna to decide whether she wants to save innocent people or Anklets. She leaves. Prathna prays Shiv ji to control the fire with his power. The climate change suddenly and the fire gets controlled by a wind storm. Prathna feels happy.

Mehek tries to take Anklets from Tina’s feet. Prathna stops her and says she won’t get Divya Payal again. Vish comes there and joins Mehek. Prathna ties Tina to her back and asks them to stop her if they can. Vish tries to attack her but Prathna defeats her and she turns them ice by using her germs power. She takes anklets from Tina’s feet. Tina gains consciousness and tells Prathna that someone tried to kidnap her. Prathna says she won’t let anything harms her. Imposter Raghu goes Mehek and Vish. He releases them using his firepower. Vish says she won’t let Prathna win. Prathna asks Gautham and Sonia to return home. She tells she returns home with Shesha. She hears Shesha’s voice. She goes to that side and sees Shesha on the floor and who was stabbed in the backbone. Prathna goes to her. Shesha asks Prathna to defeat Enemies and closes her eyes. Seema smiles and says she got defeated. Prathna says she won’t let Shesha leave her like her family left.

Prathna takes Shesha to Naagmahal. Shesha doesn’t gain consciousness. Prathna says how to save Shesha. Nagaraj Takshak comes there and tells Prathna that anklets and her manis are also required to save Shesha. Prathna gives away all her germs and places them around Anklets to save Shesha. Prathna makes Shesha wear anklets. Shesha regains her life. Prathna hugs her in happiness. She thanks Shiv ji for saving Shesha. Shesha says I know you go to any lengths to save me. Shesha stabs on her back. Prathna gets shocked. She asks Shesha why she deceived her. Shesha smirks. Takshak changes as Vish and collects the germs. Shesha calls her team members. Seema, Mehek, and imposter Raghu come there. Shesha says I told you guys that I can do anything as I’m Kaali Naagin. Prathna is taken aback and confronts Shesha about why she deceived her. Shesha says yes, I deceived you and I’m the one who stole your Germ with my other face, and I trapped you in my plan. Shesha gives anklets to Mehek as per their deal. Mehek wears them and becomes Naagin again.

Imposter Raghu changes to his Naagin form. Vish tells Prathna that she is suffering here and her Raghu is suffering in their prison. Shesha says I’m the one who kidnapped Raghu and executed the plan but doesn’t worry he is not dead. She stabs Prathna continuously. They leave from there. Prathna cries helplessly. Pratha comes there and asks Prathna to fight the battle for them. Prathna says she can’t fight this battle alone. Pratha says you’re still Maha Shesh Naagin so get up and fight this battle. Prathna wakes up for her mom. Pratha tells how she got saved by lep in the past. She asks Prathna to apply the lep which is near her great-grandmother’s photo. Prathna applies lep to her backbone wound. Prathna’s wound gets healed. She tells Pratha that she gave her new life. Pratha says mom’s role is to give new life and today you got defeated but promise me that you won’t leave your enemies. Prathna gives her word to Pratha. Pratha leaves.

At home, while playing Bunty sees pearls but he doesn’t take them seriously. They start to play again. The ball hits Mehek who came. Mehek scolds the kids. Bunty asks Shesha to teach Mehek a lesson. Shesha twists bunty’s ears. She asks Seema to lock them in a room. Gautham and Sonia try to stop them but Mehek hypnotizes them and makes them her servants. Shesha says tonight their dreams get fulfilled for which they got united. Seema locks Kids in a room. Kids cry. Prathna comes to them through the balcony. On another side, Mehek celebrates with her teammates. Shesha says they can’t get relaxed until their last step is finished. Everyone agrees. Kids say to Prathna everyone is changed and asks if she also ousts them from home. Prathna consoles them and says time is tough now but we can win over bad if we are together. Shesha, Vish, Mehek and Seema drink wine. Kids asks Prathna why Raghu is changed. Prathna says one who mishehabed with you guys is not real Raghu and we have to find him. Bunty says he is at home and shows her pearls he got while playing. Prathna thinks it means he is jailed at home and decides to find him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vish catches Prathna. On another side, Takshak meets Prathna and tells her they can save Raghu if she comes with him. Prathna denies and she comes to her real form Vish and turns Takshak ashes with her power.

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