Naagin 6 2nd October 2022 Written Update: Zain releases Asur animal to kill Shesh Naagin


Naagin 6 2nd October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prathana returning home. Jeet comes out of the office room and asks where she went. She lies him that she went walking. He feels dizzy. She asks him to take a rest. Jeet watches the news that another Scientist dies because of a heart attack. Jeet says it’s suspicious. Prathna takes promise from him to not go outside. He asks her to promise him that she will marry Manav. She agrees and leaves for the office. Jeet links all photos of dead people and notices Mauli in their hand. Rudra and Neman discuss about attacks.

Zain meets his team and tells them that he is back to take revenge on India. On the live Rudra tells the audience that recent murders are connected. Jeet sees Rudra on tv and thinks to pass his info to him as he is thinking like him.

Zain tells his members that Shesh Naagin is still alive and she will come when the country is in danger. During live, Rudra says our country is in a problem. Anmol calls Rudra and tells him that she is getting attacked in Unnati maidan. Rudra rushes to help her and he asks his team to come behind him. Prathna hears it. Rishabh tells Pratha that these attacks are scary. Pratha thinks hopes someone helps the nation. Rishabh calls Rudra’s office and gets to know that Rudra rushes out as his fiance is getting attacked in unnati maidan. Rishabh and Pratha rush to maidan. Manav calls Pratha to unnati maidan for dandiya. She tells him she has work to cover the story in that area. Professor Jeet calls Rudra but the call doesn’t get connected then he leaves a message for Prathna and goes to meet Rudra.

Rudra comes to the event. Anmol meets him and tells him that she lied to make him come to play dandiya with her. Rudra scolds her. Anmol cools him and asks him to get ready in dandiya clothes. He goes to get ready. Prathna enters the event. Manav hugs her. She tells him she has to meet her boss first to know the work. She searches for Rudra. Rudra comes out in a dandiya dress. Anmol tells him he looks perfect. Prathna sees Rudra and smiles. Anmol asks Prathna to tell him he is looking good. Rudra asks why she came. Prathna says you didn’t give clarity so we came here with the cameraman. Manav comes there. Prathna introduces him as her fiancee. Rudra feels bad. Manav asks Prathna to join him for dandiya as she has no work. Anmol asks Prathna to get ready and gives her dandiya costumes. Prathna comes out getting ready. Rudra admires her then they play dandiya.

Pratha and Rishabh come to the Dandiya event. They see Anmol is fine. They confront Anmol about the call. Anmol says she lied to call Rudra. Rishabh goes to Rudra and asks if he has info about the attacks. Rudra says yes sir, he asks if their nation is attacked before 21 years. Rishabh agrees. Anmol tells Pratha that she will make her meet the girl who looks like her. Pratha asks how it happened. Anmol asks her to play gabra with Rishabh.

Zain releases the dangerous animal he prepared against Shesh Naagin from the case. Jeet learns Rudra is not at the office. He leaves messages to Rudra to meet him to know the reason behind the attacks as he found the clue. He listens to employees discussing that Rudra left to Unnati maiden. Jeet rushes to meet him in the maiden. Prathna senses some danger. She prays Maata rani to set everything. Rishabh flirts with Pratha. Anmol tells Rudra that they have to be like her parents. Jeet comes there and notices Anmol with Pratha. He realizes it’s her daughter. Anmol tells Pratha that she will make her meet Prathna and searches for her but she didn’t find her. They hear some animal sound. Pratha thinks it’s dangerous. Jeet notices Rudra in a room. He is from another side of the mirror and informs Rudra that your suspicion is true and I got a clue that these attacks are related to the Mauli of the mandir. Rudra asks how to trust him. Jeet says you have to trust me. Rudra comes out of the room but he didn’t notice anyone.

Jeet noticed Anmol is about to get attacked by an animal sent by Zain. Jeet rescues Anmol. Asur animal sees Prathna and realizes she is her target. Asur animal tries to attack Prathna but Rudra comes in between and gets injured. Jeet realises it’s Zangistan Asur sent to attack Prathna. He scares the animal with a fire stick and takes it to another side. Everyone escapes from there. Prathna sends Rudra to the hospital with Anmol and others. She goes to search for her father. Professor gets injured by an animal. Some unknown man injects something into Jeet’s body then he collapses on the floor.

Pratha and Rishabh see Rudra is injured. Pratha says they need to leave. Rudra says Prathna is inside. Anmol says she is the one who looks like you. Pratha asks Rishabh to take them to a safe place and tells them that she will handle it. Rishabh denies but she send a him. She thinks good will always win over Asurs. Prathna goes to her father and requests him to open his eyes.

Episode ends.

Precap – Prathna performs the last rites of Jeet and assumes Rudra and Rishabh are responsible for Jeet’s death and she avenges to take revenge.

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