Naagin 6 4th March 2023 Written Update: Prathna is back to save her nation


Naagin 6 4th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prathna entering the lab with her baby. She sees snakes in the jar and thinks what is this conspiracy? She sees the masked guy working there and asks the guy why the snake babies are here and who is your head? The guy tries to run while alerting others. Prarthna holds him and asks him to say the truth. Another guy comes there and stabs him with a poison injection, and runs away. Prathna follows that person. On another side, Raghu searches for Prathna with his baby. The masked man pushes Prathna which makes her drop the baby in the river. Prathna shouts for her baby. She jumps into the river to save her baby. Raghu comes there. He places another baby in a safe place and jumps into the water. Prathna and Raghu save the baby and bring her out of the water. Prathna sees Baby is not responding. Raghu sees the baby is dead. He blames Prathna for his daughter’s death. He tells her he never wants to see her face again. Prathna looks shocked.

In the Naaglok, Suwarna says to everyone that Raghu and Prathna won’t return to Naaglok. Mrugnaini says they will return and makes arrangements for their baby. Takshak says atmospheric change is indicating the problem and Raghu-Prathna has to cross this storm. He prays to god to settle everything. Prathna says her baby is fine. Raghu doesn’t listen. He places the dead baby in the basket and leaves it in the water then he leaves for Naaglok with his other baby without listening to Prathna. Prathna jumps in the water and questions Shiv ji why he always snatches her loved ones from her. She says she will live with pain and the lava evoked in her heart won’t get cured. She comes out of the water and walks in rage. Her angry steps break the earth. Media people cover about earthquakes.

A lady prays to wahguruji to bless her with a baby. Her husband asks her to not cry and takes her with him. On their way, their vehicle gets broken down. Lady cries saying they can never have kids. Her husband asks her to not lose hope. They hear a baby cry. They come out of their car and see the baby floating in the drive. They save the baby. Lady says God has sent the baby for them. She denies filing a police complaint about the baby and leaves taking the baby. Prathna goes to the Himalayas. She sits to do the tapasya. Snow covers Prathna completely. She sits in her Samadhi state. Abhishek asks the professor’s photo who will save the nation as Shesh Naag and Naagin left.

5 years later, Vish Kanya’s kill people in the city. Media people do debates about deaths in the city. Abhishek decides to find Prathna. He goes to the Himalayas with his students. Students asks him where are they going. Professors says he called gurus to meeting for the solution. Every one gather from all 5 areas, where Guru, Jain, Aghori, Pandit and Sadavi get inside cave. Abhishek meets them and they decide to call Shesh Naagin from her Samadhi state to save the nation. Abhishek reaches Prathna’s samadhi place with Maha saperas. Snake catchers attempts fail. Abhishek recalls Professor’s words that India’s soil and lord shiv only can bring Shesh Naagin out. Abhishek asks them to play Vandemataram. Maha Sapheras play Vandematram music. All gurus come there and wait for Shesh Naagin’s arrival. Shiv’s energy breaks the snow from Prathna’s body. Prathna comes out from her Samadi state. Prathna tells Abhishek and others she won’t return. Akash tries to tell her how lab grown snakes are killing people on earth. Prathna pushes him away. She tells Abhishek and Gurus ‘she is going back to her Samadi.’

Episode ends.

Precap – Prathna decides to bring her baby from Naaglok.

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