Naagin 6 5th March 2023 Written Update: Prathna takes a shocking step


Naagin 6 5th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prathna warning Abhishek and others to not break her samadhi again. Abhishek stops her and tells her that the dharmik gurus of the country are here to talk to her and you need to save the nation from small snakes and reminds her father’s words to her. Prathna tells him she will come for 4 days. In the market small snake bite one of the men then she is about to leave with her team. She collides with Meher(Prathna’s daughter). Meher advises her to not stare at her angrily and it happens during holi. She runs to her father and shows him the snake design pichkari she bought. Manjeet says it’s good and calls her the light of their life. She goes to show pichkari to her mother. Ballu asks her father why he went leaving the shop. Manjeet says I’m your father, not you. Lady comes for medicines. Ballu gives her medicines and tells her the payment. Lady says she doesn’t have that much money. Ballu’s father says there is discounting going on and gives her medicines for half price. Lady leaves happily. Ballu says he doesn’t do good and there is a loss for them in this way. Ballu’s father says your mom will get profits.

On another side, Manjeet shows sarees to customers but they don’t like them and ask them to show more. Manjeet and Supriya discuss they already showed all the sarees. Meher comes there and sells sarees with her words magic. Supriya says Meher is talented and she may have sales technique in her blood. Manjeet feels bad. Supriya apologises to her and says Meher is her daughter and her luck. Manjeet says it’s true and Meher’s mother is unlucky to lose her.

Prathna thinks about her daughter and cries. Abhishek asks why she is sad. Prathna asks him to leave about it and asks him to tell him what’s the matter he called her. He tells her that small snakes may create havoc during the Holi celebration. Prathna says they have to create more. She calls the anti-terrorist cell and informs them that many bomb blasts are going to happen in India the next day. Abhishek asks why she did it and they might arrest me for the wrong call. Prathna says she removed the sim of him and says she has the plan to stop the calamity.

Prathna goes to Naagmahal. She calls snakes. Snakes assemble in front of her. She asks them to make sure no one comes out from their houses so roam in the city and create fear to save them. Snakes refuse to help her stating their Shesh Naag lose his kid because of her. Prathna says I lose my kid too and I don’t need the help of your Naaglok. She says they will see her hate from here onwards and attacks them with fire. They leave in fear. Prathna decides to get back her daughter from Naaglok. She asks Yamuna river to show her the way to Naaglok otherwise she will empty the river. She doesn’t get any response then she tried to drink the water but two girls call her. Prathna goes to them and hugs them. Girls disappear. Abhishek comes there and says he expected that she will be here after whatever happened to her in the past. Prathna warns him to not show sympathy on her and asks him to tell her what they need to do.

Manjeet and her husband Manjeet have a good time with each other. Manjeet advises her husband to sell clothes like hers as there is less profit in medicines. Manjeet says medical shops are needed too. Meher comes there and shows him the news that holi celebrations are banned in the city due to bomb blast threats. Manjeet says nothing will happen in our colony so we can celebrate so don’t worry. Meher agrees. Satish buys a saree from the Manjeet shop.

Abhishek tells Prathna that celebrations in India are stopped but some colonies are celebrating it. Prathna asks him about the colonies. Satish gifts a saree to his girlfriend and takes her on a ride. She bites him and it shows she is a small snake.

Meher and Ballu celebrate holi in their colony. Prathna comes there. Ballu sees a snake and alerts everyone saying snake. Everyone runs in different directions. Prathna sees small snakes attacking the colony’s people. She stops small snakes and bites them. Prathna applies colour to her and joins the people. The atmosphere changes suddenly. One of the small snakes comes in front of Meher. Prathna thinks why the atmosphere changed suddenly. Meher throws the snake twisting it. She calls mom and falls. Prathna holds her.

Takshak and Ananth Naag hear the voice of the sky. Takshak says Akaash Vani is indicating that power which will save us is evoked. Naag Lok people comes there to celebrate Holi. They wish happy Holi to each other.

Manjeet and her husband come to Meher. Manjeet asks Meher what happened. Manjeet asks Prathna who’s she and says he never saw her in their area. Prathna says she learned about the attack and come to help them. Manjeet asks if she came risking her life. Neighbors say Satish is attacked and his situation is not good. Manjeet says Satish’s girlfriend might be Naagin. Her husband says she is watching serials more and imagining things will happen like serials. Prathna thinks who are these snake’s? Manjeet asks everyone to stay at their houses. He tells Prathna that he will do her first aid. Prathna asks if he has a medical shop. He agrees. Manjeet dies first aid to Prathna’s wound. Prathna asks if he knows which snakes are dangerous. Manjeet says these small snake’s are poisonous. Meher asks Prathna to drink warm water. Prathna refuses. Manjeet asks how she saved Meher as it looks she hates kids. Prathna says she hates kids but she saves them as it’s her nature. He gives her medicine to take. Prathna tells him poison can harm her. Meher invites her to their home to eat paratas. Prathna agrees to go to their house.

Episode ends.

Precap – one of the Naagin vows to win Raghu’s love. In the meeting, Shesh naag learns about Icchdari Naagin on earth. Prathna decides to solve the problem in 3 days.

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