Naagin 6 9th July 2023 Written Update: Pragati, Pratha, and Prathna become Trishakti and kill Mehek

Naagin 9th July 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pragati telling Raghu that she has a Mandala. It was shown how she gave a fake Madala to Mehek hiding the real one. Raghav asks what’s her plan. Pragati takes him to the Naagmahal. Takshak tells Pragati that everything is ready. Pragati unveils Mehek statue. She reveals to Raghav that she is planning to create a lookalike Meher using Mandala. She says they need Meher’s poison to implement their plan. Suwarna comes there. She gives Mehek poison to them. She reveals to them how Mehek trapped her and asks them to forgive her if they can as she learns that they are reincarnations of Prathna and Raghu. Pragati and Raghav forgive her. Takshak asks Pragati to make the statue get a life. Pragati gives life to Mehek’s statue. Pragati gets her father’s call and understands that Asita kidnapped her father.

Pragati goes to save her father. Mehek asks Pragati to give Mandala to her. Pragati refuses. Mehek attacks Pragati. Pragati is about to fall from the cliff but Raghav saves her. Suwarna makes Asita drop the gun. Pragati tells Mehek that Mandala is abreast used. Duplicate Mehek comes there. Pragati says Shesh Naagin can kill Shesh Naagin and your lookalike will kill you. Mehek escapes from there with Asita. Asita asks if duplicate Mehek can kill her. Mehek says that duplicate will be alive for 24 hours and I need to hide in this time. Pragati sends her father home. They search for Mehek.

Pragati and Raghav fool Mehek by creating a fake sunset. Mehek comes out from her hideout. Pragati and others spot her. Duplicate Mehek and Real Mehek fight with each other. They fall from the cliff. Real Mehek comes up and tries to kill Pragati but Suwarna comes to Pragati’s rescue and gets stabbed by Mehek. Mehek gets the Mandala. She tells Pragati that she can’t do anything to her.

Pragati, Raghav reach Naagmahal and tell him Mehek foiled their plan and got Mandala too. Takshak says it’s not a good sign. Raghav asks Takshak to tell them a way to Mehek’s problem. Nagaraj Takshak tells Pragati that Pragati, Prathna, and Pratha have to unite to kill Mehek. Raghav and Pragati ask how it happens. Takshak says Pragati has to go back to the past when Pratha and Prathna became Shesh Naagins to get their help to kill Mehek. He gives her Shesh Naag’s book to find a way. Mehek creates a ruckus everywhere. Vasuki Naag comes to Naagmahal and tells Takshak about Mehek’s wrongdoings. Raghav goes to stop her.

Raghav defeats Mehek. Mehek falls to the floor. Pragati meets Pratha in the past and tells her that she needs her help to defeat Mehek. Pragati comes to the present as her time ended. She tells Takshak that she didn’t get Pratha’s answer. Takshak says Pratha will come. Mehek cheats on Raghav and attacks him on his back. Suwarna and Ajay go to help Raghav. Mehek decides to end Pragati’s chapter. She walks toward Naagmahal. Suwarna and Raghav use their powers and take Mehek away from there. Ajay decides to alert Pragati.

Takshak asks Pragati to call Prathna to present. Pragati meets Prathna and tells her about Mehek’s problem and calls her to come to the present to solve Mehek’s problem. Pragati’s time gets ended in the past and she comes to the present. Ajay comes there and tells Pragati that Suwarna and Raghav can’t stop Mehek for long as they are injured. Pragati rushes to help them without listening to Takshak. Takshak asks Shiv to make Prathna and Pratha come to the present. Pragati stops Mehek from attacking Raghu. Mehek defeats Pragati and tells Pragati that she will use her 3rd eye to defeat her. Takshak asks Pragati to leave but Pragati refuses. Mehek uses her 3rd eye but it doesn’t affect Pragati. Mehek asks which power stopped her. Pratha and Prathna come there. Mehek gets shocked and others feel happy. Takshak tells Mehek that Shesh Naagins Pratha and Prathna are back to kill her. Mehek thinks about how it happened. Pratha and Prathna say they are here to defeat evil.

Mehek uses her power and calls Yeti from the past. Two Yetis come there. Pratha says to Mehek that they will defeat Yeti and reminds her that they already did in the past. They fight with Yeti. Mehek hides and decides to use her Naagmani and Mandala to attack them. Pratha and Prathna defeat Yetis. Pragati sees Mehek attacking Prathna and Pratha using Mandala and Naagmani. Pragati comes in between and gets injured. Mehek comes out and says Pragati will die. Pratha and Prathn say they will give their Naagmanis to save Pragati and defeat her. They pray to Shiv Ji and give their Naagmanis to Pragati. Pragati gets two Naagmanis. She uses her power and takes Naagmani from Mehek. Pragati, Prathna, and Pratha become Trishakti and burns Mehek. Everyone feels happy. Pratha and Prathna hug Pragati. Takshak hails Har Har Mahadev. Everyone goes to Naag Mahal and prays to Shiv Ji lighting Diyas. Suwarna admits her mistakes and sacrifices her Naagins power to live with Ajay. Raghav accepts Pragati as his wife whole heartily and fills her Mang with sindoor. Everyone showers flowers on them. Later Pratha and Prathna tell Pragati they need to leave before Sunrise. Pragati asks them to take their Naagmani. Prathna says they are from the past and their Naagmanis united to become powerful germ. Naagmanis get combined and become one. Pragati asks who will be the successor of this Naagmani. Pratha says she will come and get our Trishakti power. Naagmani falls into the earth. Pratha says powerful Naagin will be born and get this Naagmani. They leave from there. Pragati and Raghav go to Kailash to stay with Lord Shiv.

The End.

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