Naagin 6 Upcoming Story: Anmol to backstab Prathna


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Color TV popular show Naagin 6 is witnessing an interesting track where Urvashi kills Suhasini.
As reported earlier, Urvashi’s granddaughter feels fond of Rithwik. Rithwik helps Prathna. Pratha and Prathna confront Rithwik about why he helped them and ask who’s he. Rithwik makes Pratha and Prathna meet his dad Rajesh Pratap Singh.

He says my dad asked me to trust you always but you trusted Suhasini not my dad and our revenge and aim are the same. Pratha apologizes to Rajesh for not supporting him. Rithwik joins hands with Pratha and Prathna and tells them that their revenge is the same.

Pratha and Prathna create differences between Urvasi and Suhasini using Rihwik. Later Urvashi kills Suhasini. Sanjana tells her husband that they need to take their share of the money after selling Naagmani. She notices Ranjeet is busy in chatting and asks with whom he is chatting.

He tells her he is chatting with Urvashi and praises her. Sanjana doesn’t like it. Prathna enters someplace where she gets scared and falls down from the cliff. Snakes surround her.
In the upcoming episode, viewers are going to witness Shesh Naag will ask who has woken him.

He attacks Pratha Prathna for disturbing his sleep. Later Anmol backstabs Prathna in the naag mahal. Pratha will get shocked and she witnesses Patamali, Anmol, and Urvashi in the Naag Mahal.

Who is behind the professor’s murder? Who will save Prathna?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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