Naagin 6 Upcoming Story: Takshak to hint Rishabh is alive


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Color TV popular show Naagin 6 is witnessing an interesting track where Takshak refuses to grant the boon to Pratha and Pratha kills Yeti.
As reported earlier, Pratha impresses Shiv Ji with her Taandav. The door of secret door gets opened.

Naag Raj Takshak comes out of the door. Pratha prays to Takshak. Mehek breaks everything and says to Urvashi that she is not Shesh Naagin, Pratha is alive and she is Shesh Naagin and came to us as Kiara. She may go to Naagmahal.

Takshak says to Pratha that she reminds him of her grandmother. Pratha says she is dead because of Seema’s mother. Takshak says it’s untrue and you can unfold the chapter later. He asks Pratha to ask what she wants. Pratha tells she wants her husband to be alive.

Takshak says he can’t do it and tells her that she will know it soon and tells her that he can give her a boon to take revenge on Mehek. Pratha leaves saying she can take her revenge. Naagins ask her to stop for Naagpanchami pooja but she leaves.

Pratha packs her luggage. Rajesh asks her to wait for 3 days until his work is done. Pratha agrees to wait for 3 days to repay his help. Pratha calls Mehek as Kiara and tells her that she will give her the land she wants. She asks her to meet her near the factory. Mehek agrees.

Mehek meets Zain and tells him that he will get the land he wants in the next day. She asks him to give her Yeti to expose Pratha. Zain agrees.
Rajesh and Pratha go in the car. Nash Rakshak tries to stop Pratha but she doesn’t. At the factory, Rajesh asks why they want this place.

Pratha says a tunnel is under this factory and they are planning to use it to supply drugs to our country. Zain, Mehek, and Urvashi meet them. He tells them he released Yeti. Mehek asks Urvashi to take Rajesh aside. Urvashi calls Rajesh outside though call.

Rajesh goes out and says the weather is changed. Zain takes him inside the car. Mehek and Urvashi spy on Pratha. Yeti enters the factory. Pratha acts shocked seeing Yeti.

Pratha doesn’t change as Shesh Naagin seeing Mehek and Urvashi. Urvashi tells Mehek that they may lose the deal if something happens to Pratha. Yeti is about to attack her. Pratha falls unconscious.

Urvashi gets worried and makes a sound that diverts Yeti’s attention. Yeti leaves. Mehek and Urvashi hide. Rajesh and Zain go inside the factory and notice Pratha who is unconscious. Rajesh sprinkles water on Pratha’s face. She gains consciousness. Rajesh asks her what happened. Pratha tells she saw the white gorilla. Urvashi says it might be her illusion.

Pratha says she saw it. They ask her to take a rest. Pratha signs Rajesh to take them. Rajesh takes them. Angel comes there and tells Pratha that he fooled Mehek by becoming Yeti. He asks her to leave and warns her about Yeti. She says she will face Yeti and she has to leave for the temple as no one can stop her from taking her revenge.

Pratha goes Naag mahal. Where Naag and Naagins plead with Pratha to save them from Yeti. They tell Pratha how Yeti ruined pooja. Pratha kills Yeti.

In the upcoming episode, viewers are going to witness Shesh Naag will ask Takshak why didn’t he grant a boon to Pratha. Takshak will say she wanted her husband’s life which I can’t grant as Rishabh is not dead.

Farishta will ask Shesh Naag with whom he is marrying. Pratha will think now it’s time to meet my sister to take revenge seeing the invitation card.
Will Pratha be able to take her revenge?

Will Mehek learns Pratha’s trap?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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