Nagin 5 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Nagin 5 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Nagin 5 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Colors TV most popular supernatural series Naagin is again the talk of the town as the fourth instalment of the show has come to an end and the next season is already here to keep the viewers hooked to their screens with its gripping twists and turns.

In the smashing finale episode of Naagin 4, Shesha and Bela were seen coming to rescue Brinda and Dev and defeating the evil Shalakha and Vishakha. Brinda and Dev confessed love to each other, but it was too late as Dev, from whose body Shalakha and Vishakha tried to get the naagmani out, died.

However, the three Naagins did tandav to impress Lord Shiva so that he can call the most powerful Naagin, Aadi Naagin, who is the only one who can bring Dev back to life.
Hina Khan made a great entry as Aadi Naagin and accepted to bring back Dev’s soul by narrating her story, therefore revealing the mystery surrounding Laal Tekdi Mandir that had once upon a time faced destruction.

However, doing so, Aadi Naagin will have to go through the same pain she suffered ten thousand years ago, get cursed once again, as the past will repeat iself.

In the upcoming episodes, Aadi Naagin will be seen revealing Brinda her tale that dates back ten thousand years ago. The other protagonist of the story is an ichadaari eagle (played by Dheeraj Dhoopar). The latter’s father had got to know from a predictor that his son will get caged in that light which will appear in front of him in human form but he didn’t believe that anyone could harm his son; he was only determined to destroy the temple. Aadi Naagin had allowed the eagles to enter in the temple, unaware that they were willing to bring destruction there.

As the producer Ekta Kapoor had promised, this new season is going to be even more whizbang than previous ones as the creative team is working hard on the script. The promotions have started with a bang and the storyline seems very appealing. Even the star cast includes big names like Hina Khan, Dheeraj Dhoopar, Surbhi Chandna and Sharad Malhotra. The buzz is high, and fans cannot wait to see what’s next in store.
Will Naagin 5 stand up on the expectations that viewers are having?

Are you excited to know what happened with Aadi Naagin, how she got cursed and separated from her love and how will her story repeat itself?

Let us know your views and stay tuned to this space for latest updates about your favourite shows.