Nagin 4 Upcoming Story : Shalakha tries to create misunderstandings between Dev and Brinda

Nagin 4 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Nagin 4 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Nagin 4 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

The episode starts with Dev saying to Brinda that they shall leave the house. He packs their stuff and holds her hand. He is about to take her away, but Brinda stops him and takes him to the window saying that she needs to tell him something. Dev sees that it’s midnight and asks him if she still wants to tell him. They recall how they had promised not to tell each other things that may make the other upset at midnight otherwise the other one will stay upset forever. They laugh recalling a childhood memory. Brinda says that she wants to tell him one thing about her that he has never known and she is scared that he might never talk to her again.

On the other hand, Shalakha, who is with Vrushali, Ketaki and Rasik, uses Mundika’s powers to call Dev to her. A bubble reaches Dev’s room just when Brinda is about to tell her truth to him. Brinda sees Vishakha as snake behind Dev and grabs her while Dev gets hit by the bubble and goes to Shalakha, hypontized by Mundika’s powers.

Vishakha turns into human being again and escaped. Brinda follows her and traps her in a network asking her what she wants from Dev and why she was attacking him. Vishakha tells her that Dev is not what she thinks and is hiding lots of things from her. She warns her that she will end up killed like her mother. Brinda doesn’t believe her words. Vishakha burns herself shocking Brinda.

Brinda goes back inside and sees Shalakha and Dev laughing and then walking into Shalakha’s room together. She decides not to suspect Dev. Shalakha makes Dev sleep on her bed and stars dancing around. Then she puts some files and Dev’s laptop near Dev so that he thinks that when he wakes up he thinks that he slept off while working and Brinda will misunderstand everything.

The next morning Brinda wakes up and doesn’t find Dev in the room. She wonders if he is still with Shalakha. She also wonders why Shalakha didn’t react when she showed her powers to her recalling that she had grabbed her by neck and thrown her out. Shalakha goes to Vrushali, Rasik and Ketaki and says that they have to go somewhere, and she will tell her plan once in car.

Brinda calls Swara and they meet in the yard. Swara tells Brinda that she saw Shalakha, Rasik, Ketaki and Vrushali going outside and were looking suspicious. Brinda tells her that she suspects Shalakha. Swara says that everyone in the house is bad. Brinda tells her that Dev is different and he hasn’t killed Manyeta also. Swara is relieved to know that.

After a while, Vrushali, Shalakha, Ketaki and Rasik reach the temple. Shalakha asks Guru Ji to tell her how to get naagmani out of a person’s body without hurting him. Guru ji refuses to tell anything so Shalakha orders Rasik, Ketaki and Vrushali to start destroying the temple. Guru Ji tries to stop them desperately but in vain.

On the other hand, Brinda goes to Shalakha’s room. Dev opens the door and apologizes saying that he must have fallen asleep while working. Brinda says that she can see that nobody slept with him seeing the other side of the bed. She tells him that she trust him because she loves him. Milly comes there calling them downstairs for Hardik’s wedding arrangements. Dev leaves. Brinda asks Milly where Rasik is. Milly tells her that he must have gone to the caterer.

Meanwhile Rasik finds a book in the temple. Shalakha grabs it and says that this is what she needed as it has everything about naagmani. Guru ji tries to get it back but Rasik hits him. Shalakha smiles finding a little box in the book.

Later, the family is selecting stuff for Hardik’s wedding. Ketaki gets scared seeing Brinda recalling that she is a naagin. Rasik calms her down. Shalakha comes with box of jewels and has the one she got from the temple too. It is a box that contains some powder. Vrushali asks Ketaki to make aam panna for everyone and then Shalakha mix the powder in a glass which is meant for Dev. Vrushali gives the glass to Dev who refuses at first saying that he doesn’t like it. Brinda says that he really doesn’t like it. Vrushali bashes her so Dev gets the drink to end the topic there. Lilly tells Dev that the lawyer brought some papers for him and they are in his room.

Dev goes to the room and shows some papers to Brinda saying that he is correcting his mistake. They are signed divorce papers. Shalakha gets them. Shalakha and Vrushali start arguing with each other because both blame each other for not caring for Dev but naagmani only. Rasik and Ketaki calm them down. They read on chit that the powder will start doing effect after six hours of a person having it.

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At night, Dev decorates the room for Brinda. She comes there so he asks her to close her eyes. After few seconds, he asks her to turn and she gets overwhelmed seeing the room and few covered plates on a table. “Taare gin” plays. Brinda uncovers one plate and finds her favourite cutting chai. Dev gives one glass with no elaichi to her and keeps one for himself. They have the chai. Then Brinda uncovers another plate and finds her favourite chaat there. She is eager to uncover the other plate too. Dev stops her at first and lets her uncover it. She finds a beautiful necklace there. She gets touched and wants to wear it but Dev stops her and says that he will make her wear it. He stands behind her and is about to make her wear the necklace but suddenly he takes Shalakha’s name. Six hours have passed so now Shalakha use the powers of the powder to control whatever Dev says. Dev just repeats the words Shalakha is saying from the other room: he needs to leave Brinda tonight and go to Shalakha because she must be hurt after the divorce. Brinda is shocked hearing his words since she thought that they will spend time together tonight. Dev apologizes and leaves the room.

Dev finds Shalakha out of the room and asks her if she is fine. Shalakha says no and pretends to cry. Dev surrounds her shoulder with his arm and they walk away. Brinda looks at them from behind.

Swara gets a black pearl from her husband who tries to stop her from taking it since it’s an item for black magic but Swara says that Brinda asked it for Dev. She convinces him to let her take it and not go to Parekh Mansion with her. Pandit Ji agrees and says that he will explain her how to use it.

On the other hand, Dev tries comforting Shalakha who is crying. She asks him to hug her. He does that and Shalakha places a little bottle vial under his nape. A light comes out from Dev’s head and goes into the vial. Shalakha breaks the hug and asks Dev what happened. Dev replies that he felt like a current crossed his body. Shalakha says that she shall give him tea.

Brinda meets Swara and tells her that she is feeling something is wrong with Dev who was talking to her when suddenly he took Shalakha’s name and went to her. Swara says that Dev is the wrong one but Brinda says that Dev is a good person and she won’t doubt him again. Swara gives her the black pearl and asks her not to let anybody touch it and it shall stay with Dev for three hours.

Shalakha goes to Vrushali’s room and excitedly tell her, Rasik and Ketaki how she flopped Brinda and Dev’s romantic date. She dances happily and then tells them that she has signed with red cross this vial and every time she will use it, she can control whatever Dev will say. She is full sure of her plans.

Episode ends

Precap: Dev takes out a gun and shoot Swara. Brinda says that Dev killed her trust and her mother. During the wedding, Brinda takes revenge killing the Parekh family. Dev is shocked to see that.