Namak Issk Ka 22nd July 2021 Written Update : Iravati deletes Kahani’s message from Yug’s phone.


Namak Issk Ka 22nd July 2021 Written Update On

The episode starts with Yug asking Satya to answer why is she doing all this? Satya tells Yug she has feeling but she doesn’t have patience now. Yug tells Satya she did not just insult his family but his love also today. Satya told now she understood his problem is that she is a dancer. Yug gets angry and throws things around and his phone falls accidentally.

Iravati tells Saroj not to cry and thinks in the next part of drama Saroj will have to cry even more. Gunjan calls Iravati to meet her,she tells Kahani stole her phone. Gunjan tells even she is smart and she brought the phone back, Iravati takes the phone from her and tells her Kahani sent a text to Yug.

Iravati tells Yug has not read the msg yet and if he reads it will be trouble. Yug tells Kahani how could she do this with his mother? Iravati comes in the room and deletes message from Yug’s phone. Satya tells Yug to forgive her she will apologise to Saroj. Yug tells he cannot understand what is she doing? Satya tells him to give her one chance and she will apologise to Saroj and everything will be alright.

Raunak gets a whatsapp video of a girl dancing in front of hospital. Raunak tells Rupa he thinks there is something wrong with Kahani. He tells either Kahani has gone mad or she is not original. Rupa thinks Raunak is right and this is not Kahani. Satya thinks she is giving pain to a mother for her own mother. Saroj asks her why did she do all this? Saroj tells she raised so much expectations in her and broke her completely. Saroj tells now she feels Juhi will remain unmarried. Satya tells Saroj to forgive her and thinks of asking forgiveness for what she is about to do.

Rupa tells Yug this is not our Kahani. Yug tells even he feels so because his Kahani cannot do anything like this. Iravati thinks now Satya will do a lot and calls the police. Satya tells Saroj not to forgive her but to punish her and starts beating herself. Satya hits herself with a glass bottle and starts bleeding telling this is her punishment. Police comes to the house and tells your daughter-in-law called us and complained about domestic violence.

Satya comes out of Saroj’s room and tells police to arrest Saroj because she hit her hard on head. Saroj asks why is she lying? Yug tells Rupa to call doctor. Grandmother tells Satya is getting Saroj arrested and still you want to call doctor? Satya lies that Saroj punished her and when she tried to call Yug she pushed her and hit her on the head. Ravikant asks Saroj what is all this? Saroj tells she did not do anything.

Satya asks Yug if he will leave his Kahani alone in this condition? Saroj tells she did not do anything. Yug tells Satya to take the complaint and he will support her and leave the house with her and break all relationships with his family. Yug requests Satya to not to send Saroj to jail. Iravati signals Satya to continue her drama. Yug tells Saroj if she raised hands on Kahani she has to bear the punishment. Grandmother tells her daughter-in-law won’t go to jail. Ravikant tells we have to take Satya to doctor she is hurt. Police arrests Saroj and the episode ends with her staring at Yug in disbelief.