Namak Issk Ka 25th March 2021 Written Update: Yug decides to find out Kahani’s feelings for him.


Namak Issk Ka 25th March 2021 Written Update on

Rupa tells Raunak to leave her,he tells her to keep quiet. Raunak tells what kind of wife are you? Rupa tells him to stay away from and not to dare touch her again. She tells him he left her and now he should learn to leave without her. Kahani comes to Ravikant’s room and tells she is used to drink with Yug every morning but now Yug is not here,she wishes Yug was here. Yug comes there and Kahani gets happy,she asks didn’t Gunjan stop you? Yug tells Gunjan went to bath so I thought I will meet Ravikant and drink tea with you. Kahani asks how did you know I will make tea for you? Yug tells now we are getting used to each other,today when I woke up everything was there but you weren’t there. Kahani asks do you want to tell you missed me? Yug tells now we are friends so I can miss you a little.

Kahani stares at Yug and thinks he is so cute how can she stop herself from falling in love with him. She serves tea to Yug and stares at him while Oo Sajanva plays in BM.Yug asks can he leave now? Kahani drinks tea from his cup after he leaves but Yug forgot his keys and watches her drink from his cup. Gunjan brings tea and breakfast for Yug,Yug imagines Kahani and thinks why did Kahani drink tea from his cup. I consider her a friend but what does she think of me,I have to find it out.

Kahani tells herself to accept that she loves Yug. In his absence she keeps thinking about him and in his presence I keep staring at him. Iravati has planned something big for Holi. Kahani thinks she has gone mad,she is talking with herself. Kahani thinks how to find if her feelings for Yug is love or not? Gunjan tells I know Kahani will not leave the house when Ravikant gains consciousness and then I will see what you do. She tells I trust Yug but I don’t trust my luck and that dancer so I will keep an eye on him.

Gunjan tells Dolly to make lunch for her and Yug. Dolly tells her once she becomes mother everything will become normal. Saroj tells today Yug won’t come here and eat in Kahani’s kitchen. Dolly tells the neighbors have started saying that Kahani is controlling this house. Grandmother tells Rupa and Saroj not to do anything and Kahani will ruin this house. Dolly tells grandmother to do something. Yug calls Kahani but Saroj picks it up and scolds him for calling her. Saroj tells your picture and Kahani is missing from here. She tells Yug to take care of Gunjan and not to think about Kahani.

Rupa tells her child that luck has given you a father like Raunak but I will always stand in between you and give you both mother and father’s love. Kahani overhears her and congratulates her,she asks why is she hiding it from everybody? Rupa tells those who don’t have family shouldn’t teach about families. Kahani tells she won’t tell anyone if Rupa wants so. Rupa tells no one is happy in this house since you came.