Namak Issk Ka 26th March 2021 Written Update: Kahani questions herself if she is in love with Yug.


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Kahani comes to Mahadev’s temple with Yug’s picture and tells today you have to tell me if my feeling for him is love. Rani tells her to tell that you stay so happy with him and always keep talking about him. Kahani tells my life has become very easy after Yug came into my life,his family keeps taunting me but it’s better then dancing on road. Some roadside guys starts teasing Juhi and asks did your sister-in-law teach you how to dance and takes her duppata.

Saroj comes there and starts beating them with a stick till they run away. Juhi tells this all will keep happening till that Kahani stays in out house so please do something. Saroj recalls Dolly telling her to add poison in Kahani’s food. Yug asks a guy if he has seen Kahani? He starts praising Kahani’s dance and tells he couldn’t enjoy her dance because her husband came in between. Kahani asks Mahadev to answer her if it is love or her greed?

Kahani saves a guy from getting hit by a car thinking him to be Yug. Rani tells Kahani loves Yug,the car driver tells a greedy person only thinks about herself but you saved him by risking your life so that is love. Rani tells Kahani to tell the truth to Yug. Yug thinks where to find Kahani while Gunjan is following her. Yug buys Jhumkas for Gunjan and she asks him to prove his love buy shouting I love you three times in front of everyone.

Yug shouts I love You and Kahani hears it. Gunjan forces him to tell two more times and hugs him. Kahani watches him with teary eyes. Yug tells Kahani he was looking for her since morning. He tells her he wanted to ask her something. Yug asks her why did she drink tea from his cup? He tells I know you are staying in my house for your parents but are you falling in,can you understand what I want to ask?

Kahani asks what you told to Gunjan was it from heart? Yug tells is there any lab or machine to find out? He asks is there anything more then friendship between us? Kahani tells you look good but not even so cute that I will fall in love with you. Kahani decides she will never let Yug find out that she loves her. Yug gives her Jhumkas and tells this are for her.

Dolly gives tiffin to Gunjan. Gunjan tells she will buy sweets because she is very happy. Juhi calls Raunak and tells some boys stopped me while returning from market and started teasing me and you are the only reason for this. She tells brothers save their sisters from the entire world but my brothers have given the world a license to make fun of me. Dolly tells till Kahani stays in this house all this will keep happening. Rupa tells Gunjan not to tell all this to Yug and blames Raunak for everything. Raunak thinks to do something which will shift all blame on Yug.