Namak Issk Ka 2nd April 2021 Written Update: Kahani decides to leave the house.


Namak Issk Ka 2nd April 2021 Written Update on

Yug tells Kahani I can’t understand why you are doing all this? Gunjan takes Yug with her. Saroj tells Kahani yesterday I was afraid watching my son stumble,I was afraid if Yug’s father’s blood had more effect on him than my upbringing and he will live his family for a dancer but now all my fear is over. My husband maybe left for a dancer but my son is mine. Kahani remembers Yug telling her he loves her. Iravati tells I can remove you from this world right now so what would it take in removing pictures from phone? She tells Kahani to leave the house. Raunak tells Kahani see Yug insulted you in front of entire family. He tells I am ready to propose you now,why are you after Yug who doesn’t care about you,just please me I will wait for you.

Gunjan tells Yug not to worry she is sure Kahani may have took advantage of him when he was intoxicated with bhaang. Two guys tell Yug yesterday you were playing Holi with us and sister-in-law,you were telling that you are Krishna and she is your Radha. Yug recalls some moments of him playing Holi with Kahani. Kahani tells you keep repeating the same mistake,earlier you thought I am a liar but you were wrong and now you are doing it again. Kahani tells I thought people tell the truth when they are intoxicated but you cheated me even when you were drunk. Yesterday you told I love you to me in front of everyone but today you proved me as a liar in front of your family.

Kahani tells I am breaking my friendship with you. Yug tells I was drunk yesterday,Kahani tells but now you are no longer drunk so sit and think what am I to you and when you find the answer come to me. Gunjan tells Kahani don’t you even a little self-respect that you expect Yug to fall in love with you. Iravati tells Ravikant now you are of no use to me but you can listen to me. Yug was hugging Kahani in pictures so she was telling the truth maybe Yug has fallen in love with Kahani so what should I do now? I will finish Kahani. Usually Love is life but in this case love will cause of Kahani’s death.

She tells once you gain consciousness you will breathe later and answer my question first that why were you waiting for Kahani with flowers? Raunak tells Rupa that we are not going to stay in this house,I don’t have any respect left here so why should I stay here? Rupa tells if you do drama I will create a scene and call Iravati. Iravati tells Raunak to leave Rupa’s hand. Raunak tells she is my wife and it is my right to hold her hands. Iravati threatens Raunak to leave her. Raunak tells I made a mistake,now I am improving so give me chance to improve. Iravati tells Raunak if he leaves she won’t let him enter back in this house.

Kahani asks Rupa if he wants to leave with her? Rupa tells she doesn’t want to go with him. Iravati tells if Kahani wants Raunak to leave Rupa than Raunak will leave with Rupa. Iravati tells Rupa to go with Raunak. Kahani tells this is wrong. Raunak pulls Rupa with him and Rupa struggles to stay back. Kahani tells everyone Rupa is pregnant.Saroj asks Rupa if this is true? Raunak tells now distribute sweets everywhere. He tells Iravati my new baby is going to come in this world,I don’t want him to watch this dancers face. Kahani tells I am not going anywhere. Saroj tells if you stay here the child won’t love any manners. Saroj tells Kahani to leave for the new child and wherever she will go I will give you everything. Kahani tells Saroj I will leave. Rupa remembers Kahani saving her life and tells Kahani will stay in this house and this is my decision. Rupa tells if someone is a bad company for the child it is Raunak and not Kahani.