Namak Issk Ka 2nd August 2021 Written Update: Kahani gets angry on Satya


Namak Issk Ka 2nd August 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Karan coming for audition. The director tells it is a romantic scene so we will need a heroine. Satya and Rupa bring Gunjan and convince her to play the role. Karan romances with Gunjan and everyone praises him. Yug tells if director says yes Karan will be in next film. Iravati shows Kahani video of Satya hugging Yug and tells she will finish Satya before killing Kahani. Kahani worries about Yug and thinks what is Satya planning. Rupa talks with Saroj about Gunjan and Karan.

Satya tells Yug is helping Karan so Karan will take care of Gunjan well and asks him to give him a chance. Doctor tells her mother’s treatment will take at least one month more. Iravati threatens Satya but Satya makes fun of her. Yug tells Satya he signed Karan and tomorrow there will be Puja in house. Yug tries to romance with Satya but fakes falling asleep. Satya comes to meet Kahani but Kahani is angry with her for hugging Yug. Satya tells her about her plan of getting Gunjan married and tells this drama has to continue for one more month. Kahani asks Satya to leave and thinks she has to do something herself.

Kahani starts creating a hole in the wall and hides it with Lord Shiva’s potrait. Iravati thinks something fishy about Karan. The house is decorated for puja. Satya makes Gunjan jealous and makes her come to puja. Gunjan is about to meet an accident and everyone runs away but Karan saves her. Grandmother and Gunjan thank him for saving her. Iravati thinks Karan became hero in house before becoming hero in film. Karan is talking with Satya and Iravati make a video.

Iravati plays the video of Satya and Karan on TV in front of entire family. Grandmother asks what is all this? Raunak tells it seems like there private movie. Iravati tells Yug this is proof of your wife cheating. Yug asks Kahani to tell the truth about what is all this. Satya tells Karan to tell the truth to everyone. Karan says Satya was helping him. Yug asks what kind of help? Karan says he has started liking Gunjan and he shared his feeling with Kahani. Kahani asked him to focus on his career and become capable enough for Gunjan. Rupa tells Karan he did the right thing by telling the truth otherwise everyone in the house loves insulting Kahani.

Grandmother tells Iravati is always looking for chance to create drama. Yug tells Iravati if she had doubt she could have asked Kahani or talked with Yug what was the use of showing video like this on projector. Iravati thinks now she is understanding Satya’s plan. Satya tells Karan was just thanking her for help. Karan tells Satya she is a good actor. Satya tells even Karan did very good acting. The episode ends with Satya telling she is the real director of the movie.

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