Namak Issk Ka 31st March 2021 Written Update: What is Iravati planning?


Namak Issk Ka 31st March 2021 Written Update on

Rupa asks Gunjan what was all this? Kahani tells this explosives were prepared by Gunjan exclusively for me. Rupa slaps Gunjan. Gunjan tells she is really sorry and tells Rupa to forgive her. Gunjan tells Kahani go and create a scene inside now. Kahani tells I won’t tell anyone anything and neither will Rupa. Rupa tells you saved my child’s life today now I am going to stay in your debt forever. Kahani tells you are I am in your debt because you are the only one in this house who never taunted me. She tells Rupa to take care of herself and her child.

Yug asks Kahani why did she call him? Kahani tells it was important to give him a gift and tells him to take it and leave quickly or if someone saw him here there would be a new drama. Holi celebrations start in the house and everyone enjoys dancing and applying colors. Yug remembers Kahani giving him gift and takes colors in his hand. Raunak tells Iravati that he can’t find Kahani anywhere. Iravati tells him to look around and find her because it is going to be her last holi.

Kahani is praying and Yug calls her near him. Yug tells once Lord Krishna took color in his hand but didn’t apply it to anyone because he wanted to apply color to his Radha first. Yug applies colors on Kahani’s face as tujhe yaad kar lia aayat ki tarah plays in BM. He tells I applied gulal to you first and asks Kahani why did she drink tea from his cup? Why did she run away with his picture? Why couldn’t I stop myself from buying Jhumkas for you? Why does your gift seem the most expensive to me? Why am I so worried about the thought of you leaving the house? Yug calls director and tells to add a scene in the movie where hero confesses his love to heroine in front of Lord Shiva.

Yug tells Kahani he has started loving her and tells her I Love You. Kahani starts blushing as Yug hugs her. Yug wishes Kahani Happy Holi and asks won’t you apply color to me? Kahani applies color to Yug’s face from her face and hugs him. Kahani tells Yug let’s go home now. Yug tells today is Holi so we will dance and celebrate. Yug and Kahani starts dancing on Badri ki Dulhaniyaan. Rani and Lucky clicks picture of Yug and Kahani dancing together.

Raunak tells Rupa which color should I apply to you today? Juhi takes Rupa with her. Gunjan thinks where are Yug and Kahani. Iravati tells today Kahani will sleep but she will never wake up again. Gunjan asks Rani and Lucky where is Kahani? Rani tells we don’t know. Saroj tells we will wait for her here only and let them return. Kahani tells Yug it is late now let us return home. Yug tells her this was the most colorful Holi of his life. Iravati plans to kill Kahani.