Namak Issk Ka 4th August 2021 Written Update: Kahani decides to tell the truth to Yug.


Namak Issk Ka 4th August 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Karan telling Satya he will find out why she is making him do all this. Karan tells Satya her family is very big but sometime we need friends and he will be there for her. Satya devices a plan that now she will have fever and Iravati will fail again. Everyone prays to Lord Shiva to keep his blessings on the family. Karan calls Rupa and tells Satya fainted in temple and he saw her there so he is bringing her home. Rupa informs everyone.

Karan brings Satya home and everyone asks her about her well being. Rupa thanks Karan. Iravati thinks today she will not fail and she calls the doctor. Doctor collects Satya’s blood for test. Iravati asks Satya how she got ill and mocks that her blood group won’t match Kahani and she will be caught. Iravati takes out the poisoned juice from fridge and thinks she has been trying to kill Kahani since she was a kid and today she will be successful. After Satya is caught Iravati will blame her for Kahani’s murder.

Yug tells Satya she is weak and there is no need to do Tandav. Kahani tells Tandav is for Lord Shiva and nothing will go wrong. Iravati tells Gunjan to give the juice to Kahani. Yug thinks finally he is feeling his Kahani is back. Kahani tells now she will do Tandav and this house will get Lord Shiva’s blessings. Yug prays to Lord Shiva and Kahani does tandav making Iravati fall down. Gunjan brings juice for Kahani and tells her it is Lord Shiva’s prasad. Kahani tells her she will drink it later. Gunjan gets impatient and thinks she never wanted to kill anyone but now she really wants Satya and Kahani to die.

Flashback shows Satya telling Kahani that now Yug has started doubting her. Satya tells she is not stone hearted and she is going to trust someone for the first time. Kahani tells her maybe she is her own sister so she won’t cheat on her. Satya opens the door and Kahani hugs her. Satya and Kahani exchange places. Kahani prays to Lord Shiva and starts crying. She hugs Yug and starts crying. Raunak tells she is behaving like she is meeting Yug after years.

Yug feeds Kahani and Iravati watches in her doubt. Iravati is in dilemma is she is Kahani or Satya. Satya picks up the glass of juice and starts drinking. Kahani tells Yug she wants to talk with him. Satya calls Karan and drops the glass accidentally. Kahani thinks Satya has told her not to tell anything to Yug but Satya doesn’t know Yug. Kahani thinks she will tell Yug the truth and he will understand and help Satya. Yug asks Kahani why does she keep running away from him? Kahani realizes that Iravati lied to her and Satya did not cheat on her. The episode ends with Yug asking Kahani to tell what is troubling her?

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