Namak Issk Ka Upcoming Story : Can Kahani’s love save Yug?


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Colors show Namak Issk Ka is gaining TRP with increased romance between Kahani and Yug. Iravati has decided to end their relationship. Can Yug and Kahani’s love Iravati’s black powers?

Yug told Kahani you do not know me completely and in the next ten days he will show her. Iravati promised to Gunjan that Yug will marry her in ten days. Gunjan told earlier Kahani was a burden for Yug but now Kahani is Yug’s love and people leave their burden not their love. Iravati told she will shoot herself on the eleventh day if she fails. Yug brings Kahani to the set and introduces her to his crew. Kahani teaches dance to the actors.

Yug imagines dancing and romancing with Kahani watching her teach dance. Everyone starts clapping and Yug comes out of his imagination. Yug gives Kahani money and tells her this is for her hardwork. Kahani buys a tabeez with the money and ties it around Yug’s hand. Iravati’s bottle break and she tells she will break Yug and Kahani’s relation anyhow. Yug tells today you are my pride and he brought her here to show it to everyone.

Saroj gave a box to Yug and told this is my entire life’s saving. She told people earn money and property in life and all she has is Raunak and Yug’s childhood toys. Saroj told my son is no longer mine so what will she do with his belongings? Yug takes the box to temple and tells whatever happened today is wrong,he cannot handle the load of Saroj’s belonging so he will give it to God. Yug told Kahani suggested to bring sweets of your choice while returning so he bought Kalakand and Samosa but she returned Yug’s childhood toys to him so he is keeping the sweets on the table. The episode ended with him telling Saroj not to throw it in front of him or he will be hurt and he leaves with Kahani.

How long can Kahani keep Yug safe?

What will be Iravati’s next plan?

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