Nazar 2 11th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist

Nazar Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Nazar Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Nazar 2 11th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

Scene 1
Palak’s uncle says return to your in laws today. They were great individuals. Kavita says proceed from here. Palak states where could I go? Kavita claims this is not an orphanage. Naina says di. . Uncle says in case you want me to not inform Naina about your husband return to your in laws and keep giving us money.

Mohana chooses Appu and says I must replace him until they come. She leaves him on the ground. Urwashi states how did he come here? Madhu says I do not understand. I arrived into the room and watched him like this. Palak calls urwashi. Urwashi says we’ve got nothing to do with you. We wed you to Appu to repair his life not ruin. Palak faints. Pandit ji and some folks pick her. Urwashi informs dadi Palak called. It told her we can not have her back in this house. Urwashi says we believed Palak was great for Appu. And she did all of this. Madhu says you won’t ever know I did all of this. I will become aikain.

Scene 2
Palak comes to the temple and cries. Palak says please God. Trust me. There is some harm in that home. There is a black power . Nobody is trusting me. Pandit ji comes and says I trust you. I understand there is a witch in that home. Anything you see is real. Palak tells him everything. Pandit ji says was the mark on stone and glass the same? Palak says yes I am certain that they were exactly the same. He says there is a witch who lives in that home as a human. Palak says who? Pandit ji states Madhulika. Palak says what? This can not be true. She is Appu’s sister. Pandit ji states a witch could never kill her son. She is Appu’s sister.

Madhu says ma sleep and go. You will fall ill. I’ll call you once Appu wakes up. Urwashi leaves. Urwashi hears Appu screaming. Palak says I can not think Madhu di is a witch. And even if she is, how do I fight ? Pandit ji says God has sent you to struggle with that witch. Pandit ji says you are the person who’s going to help me.

Appu says Madhu di is a poor girl. I won’t speak to her. She hurt me. Madhu says we were playing a match. Appu says she locked me in a wall. Urwashi says what? She recalls what Palak stated.