Nazar 2 13th March 2020: Madhu Tries To Kill Palak

Nazar Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Nazar Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Nazar 2 13th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

Scene 1
Palak inquires Appu are you mad? See I received your favorite milk. She appears at Appu. His eyes are glistening. Palak calls Pandit ji and informs him his eyes are glistening. Pandit ji says you’ve got to go and stab him. Palak says I can not do that. Pandit ji says there is a reason for it. Do it fast. Palak goes towards Appu. He’s asleep. Palak is going to stab him. Appu gets up. Palak hides. He goes back to sleep. Pandit ji says Appu is a Davansh.

Madhu states that idol is hurting me. I tied a witch defense. Why is not it working. Who would mess with it? Pandit ji may know about me. But? Pandit was hoping to break my witch security circle. How did he break it since he left right after. Someone else did it for him. But who? Pandit ji asks Palak to perform a vidhi. Palak states how would I do it? He says you’ve got to. You Need to save Appu.

Scene 2
Hema and Malani get prepared. Urwashi states where is maa ji? Hema says there. Dadi is performing Pooja. Dadi states where is Appu? Madhu says I left him sleep. Dadi says let’s go for Pooja. Madhu says you go I will remain with Appu. He might get scared alone. Everybody leaves for Pooja.

Palak makes a rangoli away from the house. Pandit ji asked her to make it to prevent Madhu. Palak makes it in a rush. She says I must do it before moon climbs. Madhu is asleep in her room. Palak comes to her room and makes a circle around her bed. Appu comes there. He whispers what do you do here? Palak says let’s go from here. Nobody should know I’m here. Madhu wakes up. Appu and Palak conceal. Appu starts laughing. Madhu finds them. She states it was you who was helping this world. You should have been sent away in the world not this home only. I will do that today.

Madhu throttles Palak. She says you are lucky I’m not killing you like I kill others so nobody doubts the witch is living. But I will shove you off this balcony. It’ll look like an accident. Palak says why do you do this? Appu is the brother. Madhu says Appu is a davansh. A davansh is much more successful than a witch. I never let him realize his abilities. Palak shoves Madhu. She screams and falls down. Madhu states maa ji and dadi will not allow you to live here. They’ll send you to jail. Palak says I’ll tell everyone you are a witch.

Urwashi and dadi come upstairs. Urwashi states Palak what do you do here? Appu cries save me. He is behind the wall. Appu breaks the wall with his abilities.