Nazar 2 23rd March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist

Nazar 2 23rd March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

Palak missions to expose Madhu with the help of Pandit is the highlight of the week!

Palak used Madhu to get back into the house but nothing is normal like before as the family members still doubt her.
Palak finds out that Appu is a Davansh and that’s the reason Madhu is trying to kill him to become Super Witch. Palak and Pandit plans during holi to expose Madhu. However the plan gets failed as Palak finds Appu in trouble and leaves to rescue him.

However Madhu angered by this stunt, decides to kill Palak using an evil shape shifting chameleon. The chameleon attacks Palak taking up various personalities but everytime Appu saves her unknowingly.
The chameleon gets an ultimatum from Madhu to kill Palak. The chameleon goes at the back of Palak again but kidnaps Appu by mistake. Everyone gets worried seeing Appu missing and Palak finds out about chameleon’s hand behind the kidnap.

Palak goes to rescue Appu from the chameleon and in the process her divine powers comes out unaware to her. Madhu on the other hand too rushes to save Appu knowing that the chameleon kidnapped him by mistake. She needs Appu to sacrifice him for super powers.

Will Palak and Appu escape from chameleon’s clutches is yet to be seen. To know the next interesting twist stay tuned to Nazar 2 only on Star Plus and anytime anywhere on Hotstar.

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