Nazar 2 26th February 2020 : Madhulika tries stopping Palak and Appu wedding

Nazar Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Nazar Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Nazar 2 26th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The episode begins with Vishala attacking Appu and his family in the car. She removes the cover of the car and everybody becomes frightened. However Madhulika comes there and manages Vishala while they rush to temple. Madhu finds everybody hurrying to temple and wonders how to prevent them as she can not enter temple.

On the other hand Palak is reluctant to marry Appu now as she finds something odd. Maama and Maami convince her that it is an auspicious day and they do not need to let it go. They once more threatens her with Naina’s health. Having no choice Palak agrees for Naina’s health. Urvashi and Daadi worries when will Saritha come together with the bride. On the other hand Madhu decides to kill the bride until she reaches the mandap. They all wait patiently for Palak.

Palak comes there dressed in bridal apparel. Madhu see it. She’s going to attack her but begins screaming when matarani procession comes behind her. She could not tolerate it and her choti starts burning. She runs off Lighting up the entire forest and jumps into water. Madhu is furious.

Palak comes there and everyone greets each other. Daadi once more asks Saritha if she advised about her grand son’s condition to Palak and she lies . She inquires about money and Daadi claims that she’ll give it definitely after marriage.

Urvashi asks them to sit wedding. Appu’s face is covered but he sees Palak. Palak thinks that she is taking such a major decision for her sister and asks matarani to shield her. She sits for wedding followed by Appu. Urvashi ties the gatbandhan and they begins taking rounds.

Madhu watches it from cliff. She says that she’ll use all her powers though she would go helpless till purnima but will surely stop the wedding. Madhu rotates her choti forming a fire storm and ball. Everybody runs with the storm while Urvashi prays matarani.

The fireball is going to hit the mandap but Palak’s Daivik power stops it and destroys it. Urvashi finds Palak red footprints round the region that she got while walking procession. She thanks Matarani. Madhu’s choti gets cut off as most of her abilities emptied but she is convinced after this the bride will certainly leave.