Nazar 5th February 2020 : Mohana arranges for Ansh’s marriage

Nazar Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Nazar Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Nazar 5th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The episode begins with Mohana introducing Ansh to a family with whom she desires Ansh’s union to happen. She introduces Vidya and her family to Ansh for union proposal shocking him. Ansh feels helpless and wonders what to do if he spits an angry Piya behind the glass door. He instantly hides her while Mohana asks him to talk something Vidya. Ansh states he doejn’t have anything to ask while Mohana calls him a shy man.

Saanvi comes from a car with her fiancee and Naman sees it from way. He inquires about it to Saanvi who states that she is the suggested person for her alliance who is a surgeon in US. Naman is hurt about the fact that Saanvi will proceed leaving him. Saanvi leaves stating that someday or she wants to get married. On the other hand Ansh comes in search of Piya and finds Vidya jump to the branches unconscious.

Ansh gets shocked and asks Piya about it. An angry Piya says she attempted stealing something that is hers. Ansh states that she is innocent and asks her to leave but Piya does not listen. She’s going to throw her down and even stops Ansh who attempts saving her. Ansh manages to save Vidya from Piya.

Ansh informs the household about Piya’s bizarre behaviour. He says that she got hurt by some plant and is behaving bad from then. He says he has educated Nishant about it and he says he is going to try to discover about it. The family wonders how to keep Piya and Mohana different as both are creating problems in their own manner. An ant brings leaves for Nishant that belongs to the plant which has scratched Piya. Nishant believes that its some kind of creature. Vedashree and Chaitali matches Mohana who says about inviting guests the next day to discover a game for Ansh as Vidya’s family disappeared with no notice.

Ansh brings Piya to space who is adamant to live with crops. She mocks him for fearing for Mohana while Ansh can feel the evil forces in Piya. Piya’s eyes turn green but Ansh fails detecting it. Piya’s laugh has noticed by Mohana and comes there but Piya immediately hides. Ansh handles that it is the laugh noise from video and Mohana leaves positive.

Nishant is testing the foliage once the lead attempts burning Dayan rahasya novel. Nishant cages the foliage and has to know that it’s a Dayan named Vrishika who got turned into a tree because of an Ayan and despises Ayan. He worries for Piya and Mohana to come face to face as Mohana is an Ayan.

Mohana arranges swara vadhu for Ansh and invites everybody shocking the Rathods. Mohana says about visiting some woman in Ansh’s room last night and wants him to get married. Ansh denies marrying while Mohana urges him to prepare.