Nima Denzongpa 10th May 2022 Written Update: Nima gets worried for Krish


Nima Denzongpa 10th May 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Virat hugs Nima. Priyal notices this and gets angry. Virat leaves Nima and says that he is so weak. Nima asks him not to say so. Virat says that if his brother and bhabhi were alive, they would have liked her very much. Nima smiles. Priyal comes there and tells Nima that Virat’s brother and bhabhi liked her too. Nima says to Virat that she should go now. Virat gives his card to Nima. She refuses to take it and goes away from there.

Virat says to Priyal that Nima is so simple. Priyal gets angry and says that she won’t leave Nima today. Later she massages someone and asks him to start his work. Here, Krish is having fun with Nima. He wants to eat something. Nima goes to the shop. Then only she hears a woman. She notices that a woman is trying to kill herself. She goes to her and tries to stop her.

On the other hand, Krish thinks about where is Nima. He gets scared. A man comes to him and says that he will drop him at his house. While Nima tries to call someone for help. But that woman threatens Nima that if she shouts she will kill her. Nima throws water on her face and leaves from there. Later she finds out that Krish is missing. She asks a child if he saw Krish. He denies.

Nima gets nervous and starts crying. Here Mona asks Priyal when will Krish come. That is when someone knocks on the door. Priyal goes there. She tells Virat that Krish is here. Virat stands shocked. He asks Krish where is Nima. The man who brought Krish home says to Virat that Krish was alone in the park so he brought him here.

On the other hand, Nima thinks to call Virat. She tells Virat that Krish is missing. Virat notifies her that Krish is with him and she should come home too. Nima says okay. Meanwhile, Siya gives tea to Shiva. She notices that he is upset. She asks him what happened. He says that he can not take more leaves from the bank. Siya says that she will take care of his mother. Shiva says that he is so lucky that he got her. Siya smiles.

Here, Virat is going toward Krish’s room. Priyal asks Mona to do something. Mona says to Krish that today he is safe because of his late patents. Krish stands shocked hearing this. He sees his parent’s photos. He starts feeling unwell. Virat asks Alok to bring water for Krish. Alok does the same. Virat tries to calm down Krish.

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