Nima Denzongpa 13th June 2022 Written Update: Manya is in Trouble


Nima Denzongpa 13th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nima, She finds out Manya got her sign in divorce papers. She suspects something is bothering Manya. Virat comes there and snatches the papers from her and questions her what’s going on? He talked about sweets Nima assures him let’s eat it together next time and leaves from there. Virat feels happy to hear it Nima thinks she might hides this matter from Virat.

Later Varun complaints to Sunita she shouldn’t touch his personal things reasoning he grew up. Sunita asks him to stop using her money then. Sunita notices Sia taking some papers. Sia informs her that she gonna apply for passport to go to Dubai. Sunita thinks how will she inform her Shiv is not there. Later Nima goes to Manya room and spends time with her.

Manya shares to her that before we used to have nothing in their hand but happiness was there. Nima asks her Isn’t she happy now? Manya manages the situation. Nima thinks something bothering her. Virat notices them spending time together and thinks she shouldn’t disturb them. Hearing Nima mentioning his name he stopped by and listens to them.

Nima shares to Manya that she is not spending enough time with Virat. She shouldn’t share this to daughter but she is like a friend to her. They are right Virat is the right person in her life and she is happy with them. Virat gets happy to hear it and leaves when did his mom called her. Manya says to Nima that her first mind set was right she won’t be happy here. Doesn’t she noticed how did his family members treating Nima here. Nima denies it reasoning she is thinking it in another way she is happy with this relationship. Manya denies it.

Nima thinks why did she starts behaving like this out of blue. Manya feels guilty for lying to her and hides the truth from her. Manya decides to open up the truth to Nima but she stops seeing Bimla there. Priyal lies to them that she feels bored in room that’s why she came here. Manya asks Nima to leave from there reasoning she will share it to her next time.

Virat gets excited thinking Nima’s words about him. Virat writes poetry in tissue paper for Nima and folds it. He places it under vase seeing Nima there. Nima is keeps worrying about Manya and thinks let’s call Paras to learn what’s bothering her.

Virat asks Nima to bring water for him. She mistakenly pushes the water down and cleans the place with tissue paper disappointed him. He asks her why did she cleaning it with tissue paper Krish comes there and calls them to play ludo. Both mentions together no mood to play it. Krish adds that after Bimla entered here everything not going well. Nima reminds everything. Virat tries to sign in papers but Nima stops her by Lie Manya already took that paper.

Later Manya pleads Bimla to stop threatening her. Nima comes there to enquire them what’s bothering her. Bimla scolds Nima for entering inside without knocking Manya to support her. Nima to suspects something fishy. Later Virat send voice message wrongly to his mom. His mom enquires him about it he somehow manages the situation there. Bimla threatens Manya she leaves from there skipping her breakfast.

Later Sunita informs Virat about Sia’s current situation. Virat consoles her. Krish shares to Manya that Bimla is angry he will share it to Nima but she takes her promise from her. Manya rushes to Bimla and asks her to stop this drama but she gets shock to see Nima there. Krish smartly diverts Bimla in her room. Nima demands Manya to confess the truth

Episode end

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