Nima Denzongpa 14th January 2022 Written Update: Dinesh tries to trick Paras


Nima Denzongpa 14th January 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, someone knocks at Tulika’s house. Tulika thinks that the police have come. She tells Varun to open the door and lie that she has gone to Nashik. Varun opens the door and tells Tulika that the lawyer has come to meet her. Tulika walks in front of him and asks why he has come here. The lawyer gives her the divorce papers and says that Suresh has sent it and if she does not reach the court on time, the case will go against her. Saying this he leaves from there.

Here Suresh and Neema get ready to go to Pushpa’s house. Sunita blesses them and wishes that everything goes well. Manya is worried. Neema tells her not to be worried and says that everything will be fine soon. Then they leave from there. Tulika sees Suresh and tries to talk to him but Suresh tells her that he does not want to listen to her. Tulika gets unhappy. Neema tells Suresh that she should talk to Tulika once but he refuses.

On the other hand, Bhol asks Rani if ​​she doesn’t want to go to the temple. She refuses. She adds that today Paras’s father-in-law is going to come, so she will not go anywhere. While Pushpa advises her to go to the temple as the guests are going to come for dinner anyway. She asks Dinesh to get the VIP pass. Here Mayank asks Shiva what clothes he should wear for today’s lunch date. Shiv says this is only lunch, not a date. Mayank says that in Bhopal it is called Date.

Neema and Suresh reach Pushpa’s house. Banke gets happy seeing them. While Pushpa sends all the servants on leave. Sunita on the other hand sees that Manya is looking worried. She advises Manya not to be sad, soon everything will be fine. Just then Tulika comes to meet Sunita. She wants Sunita to talk to Suresh about the divorce. But Sunita refuses. Varun tells Sunita what will he do if Suresh gives a divorce to Tulika.

Sunita says that he has also supported Tulika in her wrongdoings, so he too will suffer. Dinesh tells Neema and Suresh that he has no problem with Paras and Manya’s marriage. Neema gets very happy. Pushpa says that but right now she cannot get Paras married to Manya. So she will get them married after 6 months and till then Paras will take care of their business in America. Paras denies this.

He says that he cannot go leaving Manya alone. Pushpa says that she is accepting Paras’ marriage with Manya but still he is opposing her. Neema says that she is happy that they want to accept Manya but she cannot stop Manya and Paras’ marriage for so long. Suman asks the reason for this. On the other hand, Mayank asks Siya if she will accompany him for lunch. She says ok. Then Kanchan also comes there. Mayank tells her that Shiv and Kanchan will also join them. Here Neema tells Goenka that Manya is pregnant. They are shocked to hear this.

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