Nima Denzongpa 14th July 2022 Written Update: Alok plans a fake death!


Nima Denzongpa 14th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Alok shares to Nima that his whole life depends on Virat. His parents send him near his family. He was always a second option in their life. The way he listened to Virat his kids too follow him later. So he decided to remove him from this position. He planned that accident there. Virat gets shock to hear it. Nima asks him doesn’t he feel guilty for treating his younger brother in this way? Alok says that he only have hate on him. He never liked him in his life. If this throne left from his life he don’t wanna worry about anything.

He narrates to Nima how did he planned that accident. But Virat escaped from it. He reached near him before her and kept him in medicine effect. He brought duplicate Virat there and made everyone believes that Virat signing in all documents. Virat asks him why didn’t he asked anything to him before? Alok asks him why should he ask him? Its all belongs to him only. Why should he needs his permission to take this all. He wanna remove Virat from his life. He gonna finish this all here itself. Nima pleads with him to don’t do it. Alok says that even Police can’t able to caught him. He threatens to kill them all there. Virat slowly untie his hand without Alok’s knowledge. Virat asks Nima to cover him up. Nima pretends like pleading with him. Virat attacks Alok from behind.

Nima releases Roy and Priyal from his grip. Both Virat and Alok fights with each other. Nima shoots Alok without her knowledge. Nima apologies to him and says she didn’t done anything. Virat consoles her that she didn’t done anything. Virat escapes from there seeing police. Nima informs to police that she killed him but not Virat. Priyal too supports her. Police says that innocent won’t run away. Later Nima returns to Sunita’s house in devasted state. Sunita enquires her what happened? Nima reveals to her that Alok planned it all. She ended up killing him. Sunita says that she don’t even know to kill mosquitoes. Then how did she killed Alok? Nima informs to her that she has no idea how did gun came on her hand? How did police came there? Sunita consoles her.

Gulshan cries hugging Alok’s picture. Nima comes there and apologize to Gulshan and tells her its all happened unintentionally. Gulshan slaps her and complaints that she took away her two son. Priyal comes there and puts all blame on Nima. Nima asks her doesn’t she know Alok whom planned this all? Priyal adds that she is aware he done it but how could she kill him? Gulshan blames Nima there. Priyal provokes Gulshan against Nima there. Nima says that she is ready to surrender in police station. Priyal says that they will only trust evidence. Nima tries to call police.

Later Priyal lashes out at the person whom on call. Nima going to police station but police stops her from going out. Nima confesses to police that she shouted Alok. Virat snatched the gun from her to save her. Police advises her to stay inside quiet. He already alerted all police to caught Virat. Nima enquires them how come they reached there on time? Police asks her to stop questioning them and go inside.

After she leaves fake police calls Alok and informs to him that Nima tried to surrender in police station. They somehow managed to send her in. Alok demands them to keep an eye on them and make sure no one identifying his body as fake. He assures to transfer money to him. Later Nima gets nervous thinking about Virat. Virat calls her and consoles her. Next day Alok’s final rituals take place there. Priyal comes there and demands Nima to stay away because of her Alok died.

Nima notices someone comes to funeral in strange way. She stops that person and enquires her where is she going? That mysterious person turns out to be Alok. Priest says they can see Alok’s face. Alok coughs there to alert fake police. They stops the priest. Nima demands Priest to reveal his face to all.

Episode end.

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