Nima Denzongpa 15th July 2022 Written Update: Mona blames Nima


Nima Denzongpa 15th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nima asks priest to reveal Alok’s dead body to all. Alok thinks he wanna do something now. Mona comes there and pushes Nima from there. She cries sitting beside fake dead body. She shares to him that she used to fight with him always and never give happiness to her. Nima tries to help Mona when she about to faint. Nima stops her and lashes out at her. Mona asks priest to complete all rituals without revealing his face to family members. Alok thinks that she is helping him in this time. He wishes to collect the business papers from Virat’s room.

Priest stops Alok and says to him mistaking him as lady. He says shouldn’t leave while rituals going on. Someone enquires her Gulshan about Virat? Gulshan says that someone evil eye fall on their family. Alok thinks that he wanna take the file immediately. Later Sunita shares to Nima it’s hard for her to leave her alone in this situation. Nima shares to her that she is responsible for it so she wanna face it all. Manya shares to Nima that she don’t wanna go to London we will plan it another one time. Nima denies it and ask her to take care of her life. They leaves from there.

Priest asks Nima to give white cloth to him. She goes to her room to find it out. Alok searching the files in Virat’s room. Nima notices the different clothes in her room and doubts whose dhuppatta is this? Nima notices Alok there in disguising form. She tries to stop him but he pushes her away and leaves. Alok informs to police that Nima came there on time to stop him. He runs from there seeing Nima. Nima scolds police for not caught him. He ignores her.

Later Nima gets suspicious thinking about that mysterious person. Nima notices Gulshan there and enquires what happened to her? Mona and Priyal lashes out at Nima for planned this all. She adds that she send her inside jail for Virat’s murder but she ended up killing her husband. Priyal whom took her out in bail. Nima asks her why are they blaming her? Doesn’t they know what actually happened there? Priyal says that she is doing this all for money.

Gulshan says that she hates her to the core. She demands her to leave from there. Later Virat calls Nima. Nima narrates to her what actually happened in morning. He disconnects the call. Nima thinks that god will definitely give a way to find out all. Later Mona shares her grief to Priyal. Priyal reveals the truth to Mona how did Alok planned this all. Mona refuses to believe it all and says that he always silent and never harm anyone. Mona gets emotional thinking about him. She decided to go back to Delhi from their. Gulshan asks her Is she wanna go back leaving her alone? She adds that she is confused whether to stay in Mumbai or return to Delhi.

Gulshan consoles her. Meanwhile Nima waits in bus stop some prostitute are standing beside her. Nima stands far from them. Alok comes there to pick up one prostitute there. He refuses to take the usual one and look for another one. He notices Nima there but didn’t see her face at all. He calls for her but she recognizes his voice. Before she caught him he leaves from there. Nima enquires them about Alok but they didn’t give heed to her words.

Episode end

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