Nima Denzongpa 17th January 2022 Written Update: Manya refuses to accept Pushpa’s condition


Nima Denzongpa 17th January 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Neema tells Goenka that Manya is about to become a mother. Everyone is shocked to hear all this. Paras tells that Manya was unwell and when she went to the hospital, she came to know that she was pregnant. Pushpa gets annoyed and says that Neema has played a very good game. She adds that Neema has done all this to trap them. Manya comes there. She tells them that there is no fault of her parents in this.

While Dinesh asserts that Manya has done all this deliberately. So that her child can get a share in his property. Paras asks them to keep quiet. He says that not everyone thinks about money. And if according to them this child is a fault so he does not want to be with them. He asks Neema and everyone else to leave from there. On the other hand, Siya and Mayank come to a restaurant to have lunch. Kanchan and Shiva also accompany them. Kanchan orders food for Mayank.

Mayank is shocked that she still knows what he likes to eat. Kanchan gets nervous hearing this. Whereas Mayank cancels the earlier order and asks Siya to order something for him. Then he wants everyone to play games with him. Kanchan refuses for this. Suman on the other hand wants Pushpa to stop Paras from leaving. Pushpa stops Paras and tells him not to threaten them to leave the house again and again. She tells Neema that she knows that she is also in a dilemma but she should give them some time.

Here Sunita tells Nari that her leg is hurting a lot, so where is the medicine. Nari tells her that it is in the cupboard. Sunita opens the cupboard and sees the wedding photo of Neema and Suresh. On the other hand, Manya tells Paras not to worry, everything will be fine soon. Babita says that if he leaves the house this time, she will also go with him. Just then Pushpa comes there and says that she wants Manya and Paras to get married in two days.

Neema gets happy hearing this. She thanks Pushpa. There Mayank explains the rules of the game to Siya and everyone else. Kanchan says that she does not want to play this game. Further, Mayank is telling them about his love story. He is about to tell that Kanchan is his first girlfriend but Kanchan stops him. While Pushpa tells Neem that she cannot tell her relatives that Manya is a maid’s daughter.

She adds that if Manya wants to marry Paras then she will have to become an orphan. Everyone is shocked to hear this. Paras does not like this thing of hers. Dinesh says that Manya only has to pretend to be an orphan. Paras says that but earlier also they were going to get him married to Manya, then there was no such condition. Pushpa then tells him the truth that she thought he would forget Manya after 6 months. So she made that plan. Paras gets sad hearing this. While Manya refuses to accept Pushpa’s condition.

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