Nima Denzongpa 18th August 2022 Written Update: Manav saves Nima


Nima Denzongpa 18th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sujatha says to Manav that she is not angry on him. He apologized to her if he said anything wrong. Sujatha asks him what’s he meant? He shares to her how did a girl mentioned him as sir and mistakes him as someone else. How could it happen often first police and now this girl. Sujatha tells him that he is her Manav not someone else. They mistook him as someone. Manav asks her to show his old pictures and proof. Sujatha asks him Is start his drama again? Doesn’t She said to him their house was burnt in fire so she lost all photo in it. He don’t remember anything what will she do for it? Later Sunita fears that someone stalking them? Someone knocks their door Sunita fears to open it. Nima opens the door and finds mamy kids there. She asks them what are they doing here? Kids tells them that they need donation for Vinayak pooja. Nima gives money to them.

Later Manav ironing his shirt. Sujatha comes there and ask him What’s the need to iron his shirt he gonna drive auto? Manav tells her that he really likes to wear the ironed shirt. He looks good in it. Sujatha asks to him Is he still angry on her for what happened yesterday? He denies it. She hugs him from behind and says to him he is a hero. But he is only her hero. Manav feels uncomfortable and removes her hand. He asks her what’s she doing? She tells him she gonna do what they wanna do actually? Manav faces other side to avoid her.

Sujatha tries to get close with her. Power goes off there. Nima is sleeping in her home. She feels someone beside her. She gets shocked to find someone sitting beside her. He talks romantically with her. Nima pushes him away and tries to escape from him. He locks her and tells her she can’t able to escape from him. Nima shouts Sunita for help. She is sleeping well so she couldn’t hear her voice at all. That person order her that she might listen to him.

Here Manav searching for a candle in room. Sujatha tells him that he won’t get it. She turns on the flashlight. She tries to get romantic with him but he stops her by saying there is no power in full area so she needs battery in her phone. He leaves from there to buy a candle. Here Nima pushes that person away and runs out. She notices Manav there and asks him to help her. She informs to him that someone sneaked into her house. Manav notices that person running out of her house. He follows him behind. He fights with him and removes his mask. He couldn’t notice his face but tears his Tshirt.

Rishi pushes him down and runs from there. Nima comes there and notices him got hurt. She tears her dhuppatta and ties it around his wound. He asks her what’s the need to ruin her dhuppatta? She tells him it’s not important then his wound. He tells her that he escaped from him. Nima says to him that someone intentionally planning to scare her that’s why doing this cheap act.

He tells her that he doesn’t know he was allergic to Saffron. Nima tells him probably he forgot about it. Sujatha comes there and notices them together. She starts creating issues there and badmouthing Nima. Manav narrates the situation to her. She asks him Is he only the hero in this area to help her? Manav tells her it’s matter of humanity. He is not trying to become a hero. He would have done this same to Sujatha also. Sujatha thinks that he is getting angry asap. She takes him from there. Later Sujatha massages Rishi’s swollen back. He complaints to her he is doing this all for her sake. He don’t love Nima at all.

He adds that Manav whom beaten him like this. He asks her to stop concentrating on Nima but Manav. He is asking for proof she will ge caught if it continues. Sujatha looks on. Later Sujatha drops down the Virat’s Id Proof. She tries to hide it. Manav finds out the Tshirt of Rishi. He confronts him.

Episode ends

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