Nima Denzongpa 18th January 2022 Written Update: Manya gets upset with Neema’s decision


Nima Denzongpa 18th January 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Paras tells Pushpa that family is very important so he agrees with Manya’s decision. Dinesh says that they are ready to accept Manya and her child but still he is trying to go against them. Pushpa says that they just need to hide about Manya’s parents. Manya denies this and says that she cannot get married without Neema and Suresh.

While Neema agrees to Pushpa’s condition. Manya stands shocked. While Neema tries to explain her point to Paras and Manya. On the other hand, Mayank eats the food ordered by Siya. Kanchan asks did he like it. He answers yes. Kanchan gets irritated hearing this. She gets up from there and leaves. Neema tells Paras and Manya that Pushpa is doing a lot for them so they should also listen to her.

Suresh asks her to think over it once again. But Neema says that she has taken the right decision. Here Kanchan calls Mayank to meet her. He goes to the bathroom to meet her and asks her if she is jealous to see Siya with him. Kanchan says that when she used to love him, he went away from her but now he has come here to ruin her life.

Mayank says that he loves her very much and wants to be with her. He wants her to go back to Bhopal with him. That’s when Shiva comes there. He knocks on the bathroom door and asks her if she is fine. On the other hand, Sunita asks Pandit Ji to worship in the temple. Varun tries to ask Pandit what his grandmother was talking to him. Just then Sunita comes there and scolds Varun. She tells the pandit not to tell anyone about their talk.

Shiva asks Kanchan if her health is fine. Kanchan says yes and asks Mayank to help her. Mayank hides in the bathroom and Kanchan leaves from there. Here Neema tells Pushpa that she agrees to her condition but she also wants to attend Manya’s wedding. Pushpa says fine. Siya further tells Shiva that they are too late. They should leave now.

While Mayank says to Siya that he is searching for a home in Mumbai, will she help him? Shiva says that he will help him. But Mayank says that he doesn’t want to bother him anymore. Here Sunita is happy to learn that Goenka is ready to accept Manya as their daughter-in-law. She then notices that Manya is looking sad. She asks her the reason for her despair. Then Neema tells her the truth. Everyone gets sad hearing this.

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