Nima Denzongpa 19th July 2022 Written Update: Nima’s timely help


Nima Denzongpa 19th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nima says to Suresh that she fears this plan won’t get successful. Suresh convinces her. Tulika pretends like thanking Alok for saved her life. She about to leave but Alok stops her. He says to her that he has many properties so he can able to help her. Tulik introduces herself as Gunjan to him. He introduces himself as Avinash to her. Both exchanges their number each other. Suresh says it’s good number got exchanged. Tulika leaves from there. Security praises Alok for impressing ladies asap.

Later Suresh praises Tulika’s acting there. Sunita says that she taught her how to act. Nima says that she fears it’s not a good plan. Tulika asks her to stop thinking munch. Sunita says that still he didn’t called her once. This plan will be flop.

Alok calls Tulika on that time. Tulika pretends like she doesn’t know him. He introduces himself him again. Alok tells her that he has few places to show her. He asks her to meet him today itself. Tulika says she will meet him tomorrow in restaurant. He denies it reasoning its hard for him to go to restaurant. He pretends like disconnect the call but Tulika accepts to meet him in his house.

Nima says to her she can’t able to push her into danger for her sake. He is a worst character it’s hard to manage him. Suresh to agree with it. Tulika says to her she is acting like this. She is local woman she can able to manage him alone. Sunita supports her. Nima demands her to don’t turn off her mobile. She might be on line with her. Tulika agrees with her.

Alok practicing how to welcome Gunjan and talk with her. Meanwhile Tulika reaches there and enquires him why did he lighten the candles here. She fails to say English with him. Suresh thinks that how much he warned her to don’t talk English. Alok shows the building plans to her. Alok asks her to drink hard drinks with him. She refuses to drink it and asks black coffee to him. She tries to take video of it. Alok stops her from recording video there. He tells her that he is near her then what’s the need to take his photo and video. He takes her phone and leaves from there. Nima hears him asking security to buy sleeping pills for her. Nima fears something bad will happen to her.

Sunita advises her to don’t ruin their plan. Tulika drinks the juice unaware of the truth. Nima and Suresh reaches there disguise like singh. They introduced themselves as PA of her. Alok says to Nima that he looks familiar. She lies to him that he used to work in Delhi so he saw him somewhere. He nods with her.

Tulika blabbers Suresh name there. Alok asks her whose that? Nima lies to him that Suresh is her boyfriend she was behaving like this after breakup with him. They takes Tulika from there. later Nima shares a plan with Suresh and Tulika to trap Alok.

Episode end

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