Nima Denzongpa 1st August 2022 Written Update: Nima scares Alok


Nima Denzongpa 1st August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suresh says to Alok that nothing written in mirror it’s clean. Alok gets surprised seeing it and says to them someone wrote on mirror in blood. It’s in threatening tone to kill him. Suresh asks him what happened to him? Why did he seeing things and lying he can hear some sounds specially? Tulika says to him that he was keep doing this to her that he can see something and hear sounds. Alok asks them what’s going on here?

He saw something written on mirror and heard such loud noise. Suresh and Tulika says to him nothing happened. He asks him Is he alright? Alok shares to them what happened to him and asks them Is it happening this to him for drinking a lot. Suresh scares him may it’s ghost whom playing with him. Alok tells him it’s foolishness to believe Ghost story. He asks him to stop fooling around him and leaves.

Nima says to Tulika and Suresh today their plan work out. They are discussing about their next plan there Alok comes there suddenly. Alok enquires them what’s going on here? He heard someone’s voice here. He grows suspicion there and starts checks the room for that third person. Tulika says to Alok that no one is there. Suresh notices Nima’s clothes in almira and alerts Tulika there. Alok too notices it and opens the almira. He gets surprised to see Bindhu there.

Alok holds his neck and says he is aware he keep an eye on his wife. Nima lies to him that he is here to take his things and money back from him. Suresh tells him he will pay him. Tulika takes Alok from there. Meanwhile Tulika gives first aid to Nima’s wound and tells her he is not a human being. Nima says that she wanna bring out his truth. She will definitely caught him today.

In night Nima laughs like evil to scare Alok. He scared to the core seeing the lights turns off. He tries to wake Tulika up but she pretends like sleeping well. Alok asks whose that? He gets shocked to see Nima sitting on cupboard and laughing evil. He closes his eyes in fear and finds sound not coming.

He feels relieved when he don’t find her there. He lays on bed and gets shock to find Nima sleeping beside him holding candle. He gets scared and slips down. Nima follows him laughing evil. She talks with him in threatening tone. Her hairs starts shake in breeze. He doubts from where this breeze coming all Windows are closed. Nima leaves from there.

Tulika comes near him and ask him what happened to him? Alok shares to him that he saw Nima’s ghost here. Tulika asks him who is that Nima? Alok shares to them that he really saw ghost here. She was sitting in cupboard. Suresh says that he is keep thinking about that incidents that’s why he is blabbering like that. Tulika asks him to take sleeping pills to sleep well.

Next day Tulika says to him that she cooked special food for him. She pretends like she drops the spoon down. Alok takes it and gets shock to see pair of legs there. Alok says this to Suresh and Tulika but they lies to him as nothing. Suresh removes it when he looked aside. They makes him believe nothing is there. Alok eating food in silent Tulika applies fake blood on him and alerts him.

Alok gets shock to find Nima sitting opposite to him. He tries to alert them but they lies to him nothing is there. Tulika sits on Nima’s lap to make him understand. Suresh takes their photo but only Tulika is in it. Alok gets scared. Tulika splashes water on him. Nima escaped from there. Later They mixed fake blood in water and sands in talcum powder to scare him.

Episode end

The episode starts with Suresh brings his mom inside home. They gets scared to see someone already there. Suresh recognise her as Nima. They gets happy to see her back alive. Suresh apologizes to Nima for left from there without helping her. He actually don’t wanna do like that but he has no option then that because Alok threatened them by pointing gun at them.

But he came back to check her but she was not there he suspected something happened. How did she ended up here? Nima says that God saved her today. Nima says that Alok done many mistakes he might be punished for his deeds and bring back Virat. She adss that she suspecting Virat is not opening his mouth because of Alok. Nima feels pain in her head. Tulika brings water to her to drink.

Tulika asks Nima how did she came out of that place? Nima says to her that she couldn’t breathe there, so she tried her best to come out of it thinking about Virat. By God grace Suresh and Tulika didn’t buried her properly. She reached to hospital with the help of stranger. Doctor strictly asks her to take rest. She asked her to take scan after 6 months to confirm her health state. She asks her to stay in hospital to keep observe her. She escaped by God grace.

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