Nima Denzongpa 1st March 2022 Written Update: Nima wants to leave her job


Nima Denzongpa 1st March 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Nima feels that she should talk to Virat. She goes to Virat and says that Krish is fine now but she is very upset as Krish has never done such an act. Mona says that all this happened because of her as Krish never did such an act before her arrival. Virat asks Nima if she invited the kids to the house. Nima says that Mona had called the children.

Mona says that Nima is lying and she is trying to create a rift between them. Virat warns Nima that from today onwards she should not make such allegations against Mona. He tells Nima that if she cannot understand this, then she can leave this job. Nima says fine she will leave from here. Here Siya wants to have dinner with Mayank. Mayank wonders what will happen to Kanchan when he talks about this to her. He smiles and calls Kanchan.

Nima informs Sunita and Siya about Krish’s condition. Sunita tells Nima that she should take care of Krish. While Kris overhears Mona and Priyal how she is giving him drugs to make him angry Virat gets upset with him and sends him to boarding school. Here in the court, the judge asks Suresh if he saw any change in Tulika. He says yes and tells that but Tulika has changed not for him but his money.

He tells everyone how he was about to get the land of Nashik and Tulika came to know about it and since then Tulika started obeying everything. Tulika says this is not true. Here Priyal asks Virat when everyone is coming to Mumbai. Virat does not give any answer to this. Priyal asks if he has any doubts about their marriage. He refuses. Then there comes, Krish.

Priyal tries to make him drink juice. Krish remembers Priyal’s word and refuses to drink the juice. He leaves from there throwing the glass of juice. Nima follows him and asks him what happened. Krish tries to explain his point to her but fails to explain. Nima gives him a paper and asks him to draws on it. Krish does the same. Then Virat comes there.

He asks Krish why is he doing all this. He adds that he is doing everything to make him happy but his behavior is not right. He adds that he is going to pick up his grandmother so he should happily meet him. Krish understands his point. He further tells Nima not to inform Krish about her departure as he will be sad. Nima says fine. Further, Virat laughs remembering Valentine’s day. Krish gets happy seeing them together.

Episode Ends.

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