Nima Denzongpa 20th January 2022 Written Update: Tulika blames Suresh


Nima Denzongpa 20th January 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Suresh tells Neema that he loves her very much and will always love her but they don’t need to get married as time has passed. He adds that they have faced many things even by not living together and they do not need the marriage seal. Sunita realizes that Neema and Suresh are not together because of her. She says that both of them would have been happy if she had not made these mistakes.

Neema says that she always wanted Sunita to accept her as a daughter in law. But today she has accepted her which is enough for her. She adds that she wants to hug her and cry but she won’t because she wants to be happy with her. Suresh says that Sunita has changed, which is sufficient for him. Sunita remembers how she harassed Neema’s children. She goes to them and apologizes.

She says that she thought they were all a curse. But she was wrong. Siya hugs Sunita. Here Tulika imagines that Neema and Suresh are getting married. She gets very upset. Varun tells Tulika that all this is happening because of her. He reminds her how Suresh told her that God will punish her. Tulika says that nothing is over yet. Because she is still Suresh’s wife and now she will teach Suresh a lesson in court.

Varun asks her what she is going to do. Tulika says that soon he will get to know everything. Here Neema and others come home. Just then Pushpa calls Neema and tells her that the wedding rituals are going to start from tomorrow. Neema gets very happy hearing this. She further asks Neema to bring Manya to the house so that she can select clothes for her. Neema says fine. She then gives money to Manya. Manya says but they did not have money.

Neema says that she has taken this money from her friends and soon she will return it. Here Tulika says that today she will fight for justice. Varun asks her to go to the temple and pray so that everything goes well. Tulika leaves from there. Just then Varun steals some money from the cupboard and gives it to Sunita. And asks her to stop threatening him now. While Sunita asks him to do her work as soon as possible. Varun says that he cannot do her work. Sunita ignores him and asks him to do as she wants.

Here Kanchan calls Mayank. Shiv picks up her call. Kanchan feels that she is talking to Mayank and she asks him to bring her reports. Shiv asks her what reports and what is she trying to hide from him. Kanchan tells him something which Shiv is shocked to hear. On the other hand, Suresh wants Neema to accompany him to the court. Neema agrees to go with them.

While Suman asks Manya to select the dress. Rani comes there and asks Manya why she has come alone. Pushpa tells because she is an orphan. She further asks Babita to help Manya in choosing clothes. On the other hand, the court proceedings begin. Tulika comes there and accuses Suresh that he wants to divorce her because he wants to be with Neema.

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