Nima Denzongpa 20th July 2022 Written Update: Nima learns the truth


Nima Denzongpa 20th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suresh says to Nima it seems Alok will maintain distance with Gungan. Nima says that she thinks he will definitely call her. As she said he calls her on time. Tulika talks with him nicely. Alok says to her that her driver and PA spoiled yesterday. Tulika gets angry and scolds him but Suresh convinces her to don’t be rude. She acts to him like cross connection. Tulika says to him that she felt dizzy after she drank that juice. Isn’t he mixed something in it? He denies it. She pretends like praising him helped her a lot. He asks her to meet him out of Mumbai to look around the place. Tulika says to him that she will plan this time. She assures to cook for him today in his house. He accepts her idea and tells her she is waiting for her. Tulika disconnects the call. Suresh takes Tulika to parlor.

Nima disguise like Singh. Sunita asks her don’t apply more gum on face her skin will be spoiled. She shares to her she doesn’t care about skin but her plan. She thinks Virat will call her again. Today alok will get caught for sure. Gulshan comes there and asks Nima whose this? Sunita informs to her he is Nima’s relative. Gulshan complaints thar Nima separated her two son from her. She informs to her that she is here to bring back this luggage of Nima. They are leaving to Mumbai. Nima feels bad there. Sunita consoles her.

Alok practices how to behave with Gungan. Alok gets shock to see Tulika there along with her staff. Alok asks her doesn’t she said she will come alone? Tulika says to him that she needs her staff’s to help her. She pretends like leaving seeing his disappointed look. He stops her and asks her to cook for him. Tulika pretends like close with him and demands Alok to wait in hall and watch TV. Nima goes to help Tulika. Alok thinks that his life got changed after he changed his identity to Avinash. He adds that his wife don’t cook for him in home but here someone cooking for him.

Later Suresh tries to contact police. When he gets a line Aloj comes there. He pretends like he is talking with AC mechanic. Alok asks him to don’t take tension. Tulika and Nima are making fun of Alok. Alok comes there and see them together hugging each other. Suresh notices Nima’s moustache removed. He signals her to paste it but she don’t understand it. Suresh helps her to paste it. Alok asks that she breaks his heart. She has affair with Bandhu. Tulika says that he is stoop so low. Bandhu is like a little brother to her. Alok goes to open the door. Tulika asks Suresh Is he called police? He informs to her that Alok came there before he contacting him.

Alok opens the door and finds police there. Nima recognizes them as the same police whom gave on funeral. Nima gets shocks to hear their conversation and find out they are fake police. She thinks that he smartly made everyone fool here. Alok assures to them he will pay the money and sends them out. Nima thinks that Virat can come back. Tulika says it’s easy to bring him back. Nima says it’s not safe to reveal the truth now. She will definitely bring out the truth asap.

Episode end

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