Nima Denzongpa 21st February 2022 Written Update: Siya is worried for Nima


Nima Denzongpa 21st February 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Mona tells Nima that she doesn’t know Krish. Krish had also thrown paint on Priyal today. Nima asks Krish if he did this. He says yes. Nima says that she does not think that Krish has done this. Mona says that Nima is accusing her that she has done all this. Nima denies this. She says that she didn’t mean to say all this.

Nima then takes Kris to his room and shows Virat a painting of Krish. She says that Krish feels like he is going away from him so they need to console Krish. So that he can believe that his father will never go away from him. Virat understands her point. Here Priyal tells Mona that Nima and Virat are alone and she does not know what they are talking about.

Mona thinks that they should listen to them. Just then Virat and Nima come there. Mona asks them what they were talking about. Virat explains that they were talking only about Krish. Then Nima is going to Krish’s room. Virat says that Nima will stay here till he drops them at the hotel and then goes back to her house. Mona pretends that she has a lot of pain in her back so she cannot walk.

Here Nima is narrating the story to Krish and tries to make him laugh. Virat comes there and gets delighted seeing Nima and Krish happy. He also starts laughing with both of them. While Krish gets sad seeing him there. Virat apologizes to him because he got angry at him. He explains to him that he is most important to him and he will never leave him. Krish gets happy hearing this and hugs Virat.

Virat then asks Nima if he can talk to her for two minutes. He asks Nima if she can stay here for Krish. Nima refuses. Mona says that they should let Nima go from here. Virat understands her point. Nima is about to leave but Mona asks her to fix the room. Here Siya is getting worried for Nima. Sunita says that she should call Nima.

Meanwhile, Nima sees that Krish’s favourite toy is broken. She wonders why Krish would break his favourite toy. Nima gets a call from Sunita and she asks her when will she come home. Nima says that she might not be able to come home today as Krish needs her. Further, Nima goes to Virat and tells them that she is ready to stay here for Krish. Virat gets happy hearing this. Virat gets happy. While Mona and Priyal wonder if Nima has found out something.

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