Nima Denzongpa 21st July 2022 Written Update: Alok in dilemma


Nima Denzongpa 21st July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Alok asks Tulika what’s she doing here? She pretends like smile to him and says she prepared dinner for him. Alok praises the food taste. He asks her to feed him. Nima glares at him but he feeds to Tulika. She bites him in anger. Alok moans in pain. Tulika pretends like feelings sorry to him. Alok tells her he has one surprise for her to bring back her mood.

After he leaves Tulika makes fun of him with Nima and Suresh. He notices this and thinks something is wrong with them. Alok demands her staff to go out for two minutes. He gives necklace to her. Nima says that he is wasting Virat’s money unnecessarily. Tulika refuses to accept his gift there. Alok convinces her somehow. He demands her to give kiss to him.

Tulika says that she is not such type! He pretends like angry on her so she agrees to kiss him. She asks him to close his eyes. Suresh kiss him and hides down. He asks Tulika what’s that sound? Nima throws cushion on him to divert him.

Tulika pretends like playing with him. Layer Tulika says to Sunita that he gifted 5 lakh Money worth necklace to her. Nima tells her that they can’t accept it. She don’t need his money. If Virat call her she will ask him to come back. She only worries about Gulshan. She wanna bring his truth out. He only gives important to two things. Money and woman.

Next day Tulika visits Alok in his house. She pretends like crying in front of him. Alok asks them what happened? Nima informs to him that her brother betrayed her. Her father is rich person he gave all properties to her name and get husband name. Hey brother trying to kill her. They are roaming all over the place to hide her.

Tulika suggests her to stay here. Alok says that she done a good job. He asks her to stay here how much she needs. Later Nima calls to Sunita and shares to her everything. She assures to Nima that god will definitely helps her to solve all the issues. Suresh offers oil massage to Alok.

He lies to him that Tulika is very rich she won’t share this to anyone. Alok agrees to do the oil massage. He sends him to take the parcel. Alok asks Bindhu ( Nima) to do the oil massage to him. She denies it reasoning she doesn’t know it. Nima poured hot oil on him. He scolds her in anger. Suresh pretends like scolding her and making fun of him.

Later Alok comaints to Tulika that her driver is a fool. Tulika tells him she is troubling him so its she is leaving from here. She will transfer all properties on her relation then she don’t have any problem. He stops her and assures her he will manage everything so she can stay here. Someone rings the bell Suresh says to him it seems they followed them here too. Alok gets scared and hesitate to open the door.

Episode end

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