Nima Denzongpa 21st September 2021 Written Update: Tulika still creates problems for Nima!


Nima Denzongpa 21st September 2021 Written Update on

The episode begins with Nima remembering all the past moments with Suresh. Nima starts leaving thinking how all the promises came to an end. Nima thinks of the future and her daughters.

A leap of 20 years….
Siya and Manya are walking when two boys pass comment on them. Manya turns and acts weird with the boys and they run away. Siya tells Manya to calm down and it’s sometimes better to not react. Manya says no one has the right to behave like this. Then she calms Siya. They both firmly decide on a decision and go to a car rental shop.

In the car rental shop two sales executives are given warning as they are not bringing any sale to the company. The owner warns them to bring sales or else they will get fired. Siya and Manya enter and both the sales person start marketing two cars. Manya shows as if she is interested in cars. Siya asks her what is she doing. Manya says just wait.

Here, Varun is making videos to get popular in his neighbourhood. When Nari passes from there with cake. She laughs seeing Varun. Varun gets irritated and stops Nari. He takes the cake from Nari and says happy birthday aai. He eats the cake and throws the cake. Nari feels helpless. Just when Varun is about to go, Nari smashes the cake fallen in the ground and scolds him. Varun feels humiliated. Nari thinks what to do for cake now. She sees she has less money in her piggy bank too.

Here, Siya and Manya see the scooty. One of the salesman goes thinking this won’t be a profitable deal. Manya tries to flirt with the sales guy and makes him reduce the price of scooty. They fasten the process and bring the scooty. At home, Manya asks Nari not to be afraid she will make halwa cake. They make it just when Sarla comes with black forest cake. The kids get happy. Siya comes looking sad. Manya feels Siya didn’t get the job but then Siya reveals she got the job. They celebrate and then Nima comes. They celebrate and cut the cake.

Here, Varun complains about Nari to Tulika. Varun asks Sunita to say something but she says how Varun got beaten up by a girl and hoe Suresh had no such issues. Tulika taunts Sunita about how Suresh is in Punjab. Tulika then thinks to teach Nima a lesson. Here, Nima and everyone come outside for their surprise when Tulika comes and asks Nari to say sorry. Nima says when Varun will say sorry then Nari will too. Tulika tries to threaten Nima but Nima is firm and her daughters also support her. Tulika and Varun leave. Then, Nima is furious to see the scooty and thinks what was the need of it. Manya tries to explain how Nima’s work will get easier with scooty but Nima taunts Manya instead and asks Siya to take back the scooty tomorrow. Siya agrees.

Episode ends.

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